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May 22, 2019

WD My Cloud RCE PoC Exploit

Tested on WD My Cloud EX2 Ultra versions 2.31.149 and 2.31.163. Should work on other MyCloud models.

for the write-up go here.

Authentication bypass to acquire user-session (CVE-2019-9950)

  • login_mgr.cgi matches credentials against /etc/shadow, therefore the "nobody" account can be used to gain a low-privilege user session by providing "nobody"'s default, empty password.

Root-RCE using low-privilege session (CVE-2019-9949)

  1. cgi-bin/webfile_mgr.cgi allows an attacker in the same network to perform command injection by abusing the "name" parameter to the cgi_unzip command.

  2. cgi-bin/webfile_mgr.cgi allows an attacker in the same network to issue the cgi_untar command on a user-controlled archive to create a persistent symbolic link on the filesystem which can be written into by issuing the command again.

Unauthenticated file upload (CVE-2019-9951)

The page web/jquery/uploader/uploadify.php can be accesses without any credentials and allows uploading arbitrary files to any location on the attached storage under either:

  • /mnt/HD
  • /mnt/USB
  • /mnt/isoMount

Disclosure timeline

  • 2019-01-20 🍄 reported to with 30-day deadline
  • 2019-01-22 ᴡᴅ sent an automated(?) response
  • 2019-02-05 🍄 requested comfirmation of issues
  • 2019-02-06 ᴡᴅ asked for 90 days to fix the issues
  • 2019-03-05 🍄 requested status update
  • 2019-03-15 ᴡᴅ asked for additional 90-day extension
  • 2019-03-16 🍄 agreed on 30-day extension
  • 2019-03-27 ᴡᴅ released first patch (CVE-2019-9950, CVE-2019-9951)
  • 2019-05-20 ᴡᴅ release of second patch (CVE-2019-9949)
  • 2019-05-22 🍄 public disclosure


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