Pinboard enabled bookmarking through Pentadactyl
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Pintaboard is a plugin for Pentadactyl that replaces the build-in bookmarking storage with service to


From the pentadactyl plugin page:

Install these plugins by copying them to the  ~/.pentadactyl/plugins/ directory
(or %USERPROFILE%\pentadactyl\plugins on Windows).


The setup is simple at this point. First, install the plugin as instructed above. Next, you will need to provide your API token as a setting.

This API token can be found on your settings/password page. For more, see this blog post.

In your settings file, simply put:

loadplugins '\.(js|penta)$'
set pintaboardToken="<YourTokenHere>"


By default, it overrides the a shortcut for bookmarking. That means you can use it as you normally would with Pentadactyl bookmarking.

The actual command called is :pinbookmark which takes one main argument – the URL. However, there are several options that it also takes.

-descText string
-tagsComma-separated list of tags
-titlePage title

By default, the a key is mapped to run someting like the following:

:pinbookmark -title='Current Page Title' http://URL


To add tags, type a and then a space followed by -tags=. There is some tab-completion in pentadactyl that will shorten this behavior.

Once you hit the trailing equals, there will be some suggested tags or stored tags available for completion. Tab-completion works here also.

The only problem is that tags cannot contain spaces, but I’m not sure you would want multi-word tags anyhow.


Like the other options, -desc= lets you pass in a string (with quotes) describing the link. This maps to the description field in pinboard.


This is not necessary to add if you are using the built-in shortcut. But, useful to know if the page title is not what you want to store in pinboard. The text here becomes the text for the link stored.

To Read

Not needed, but will allow setting a bookmark as unread. A ‘mark as unread’ link will be shown next to the bookmark at pinboard, allowing to quickly mark a bookmark as read with one click. Use with a mapping to allow for quick marking for later reading; e.g.:

 :map -ex gR :pinbookmark -toread


Links can be either shared or private. The default depends on the user’s settings on the privacy tab.

When the -shared flag is used, it forces this bookmark to become public. Likewise, for -private the bookmark is private.

Should you mistakenly provide both flags, privacy wins and the bookmark will be private.

Additionally, if you use Pinboard’s Privacy Lock feature, the -shared option will never work. All bookmarks will remain private.