Hi, can you merge these fixes? #1

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Hi, I just found wc-mode, and I found it to be very useful: exactly what
I needed, thanks for writing it!

Please find attached three trivial fixes, that I hope you'll merge into
your repository. The commit messages should be pretty much
self-explanatory, if you have any questions please let me know.


dato added some commits Mar 27, 2011
@dato dato Mark goal as reached when first hitting the desired number.
Previously, for a goal of N, N+1 words/lines/characters would be needed
to mark the goal as reached. If we're aiming for e.g. 750 words, then
*exactly 750 words* is, by definition, success. (And it's possible, even
if unlikely, that one would be not have further words to write.)
@dato dato Cosmetic: when prompting, add one space after colon. 981b044
@dato dato Fix counting of lines: \n is need, not \\n.
Unlike \w, \n is not a regexp special in elisp. Hence, with "\\n", the
regexp machinery strips the backslash (as it does with all unrecognized
specials), and we're actually counting the character 'n'. If we use "\n"
instead, that's a real newline character there, which is the right thing to
@bnbeckwith bnbeckwith merged commit 5c1f522 into bnbeckwith:master Mar 28, 2011

Nice fixes. Thank you very much. They are now merged into the master.

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