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2006 March 9
Matthias Schmidt: improved org.junit package javadoc
2006 August 3
giovanni: better test for TestCase without a name.
Matthias Pfau: better error message when test case constructor fails
2006 November 21
dakcalouro: Found defect with comparing ints and longs (1555161)
Ben Maurer: Found defect with timeouts taking twice as long as specified (1536198)
2007 February 08
Kazimierz Pogoda: Found defect with null array elements (1438163)
2007 July 09
wangqq: Found defect with @After not running after a timeout (1745048)
2007 July 18
Andrew Dick: Found defect with assertEquals comparing non-Integer Numbers (1715326)
Michael Schechter: Found defect with Filters and suite() methods (1739095)
2008 February 5
Walter Gildersleeve: Found assertEquals(null, "null") defect (1857283)
2008 July 1
Johannes Link: Submitted test for running subclasses of Suite
2008 July 23
Daniel Brolund: Submitted patch for build.xml, fixing 1.5 compatibility (2021396)
2008 Aug 1
Nat Pryce: Found defect in treatment of validation errors from custom
subclasses of the legacy JUnit4ClassRunner.
2008 Aug 18
Nir Soffer: Suggested adding to the cookbook information about running
running JUnit from the command line.
2008 Aug 19
Jack Woehr: Discovered build.xml was missing from
2009 Jan 5
Amanda Robinson: Fixed overly permissive @DataPoint processing.
2009 Feb 9
Mark Shapiro: Discovered bug in test counting after an ignored method (2106324)
2009 Apr 20
Chris Felaco: Discovered regression in handling suite() methods with JUnit 3 runner (1812200)
Toby Byron: Suggested updating linking in javadoc (2090230)
Raphael Parree: Improved docs on Parameterized (2186792)
Robin de Silva Jayasinghe: Fixed Javadoc code sample for AfterClass (2126279)
2009 May 04
James Abbley: Submitted a patch that fixed the 2-second limit on Parallel execution.
2009 Nov 16
Kristian Rosenvold: Submitted a patch (github#16) that improves thread-safety of
result counting
2010 Feb 08
Paul Holser: Submitted additional test for TestName rule.
2010 May 03
jonas22@github: Found bug (github#98) with assumptions and expected exceptions.
2011 Jan 03 Found bug (github#74) with Categories and
2011 Jan 18
Markus Keller: Reported bug (github#163):
Bad comparison failure message when using assertEquals(String, String)
Kevin Cooney (kcooney):
Patches for runLeaf, public multiple failure exception, abstract base
class for TestRule, assertion messages and null.
2011 Mar 04
Jerome Lacoste (lacostej@github) for initial patch for GH-191.