React redux hot starter - apollo-graphql backend api, with passport-jwt authenticating against a dummy db
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This is an example for react-redux apollo/graphql application, with passport backend support using a fake dev-only in-memory user storage.

It provides server-side rendering.

It's based on mtiger2k's starterkit. I replaced their mongodb user store with a dummy store to keep things simple for experimentation. Also I changed a bunch of code layout & style.

I added a couple authentication examples: Log in as user1 with password pass1 and use the remote counter. Then, try using the remote counter as user2 / pass2 -- note the error messages. See api/schema.js.

Also, I added an example of filtering subscription events in api/subscriptions.js -- by choosing which events propagate to which clients you can save a lot of computing & network traffic.

Finally I added in server-side rendering for the bits that make sense -- not the forms, yet, though!


This is a starter boilerplate app I've put together using the following technologies:


npm install

Running Dev Server

This will start the API server, webpack builder, and web server:

npm start


Client Side

Use react-apollo and apollo-client to fetch data via graphql api.

API Server

Express with apollo server, using passport to authenticate.

Thanks for checking this out.

Mongo version by Scott, Tian, []