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Maven Plugins

The Maven Plugins require at least Maven 3.1.0. This is because bndlib uses SLF4J and Maven 3.1.0 or later provides the SLF4J API.


This project builds the various Maven plugins provided by the Bnd project, and defines common dependency information.

These plugins are built using Maven (unlike the rest of Bnd) because it is very hard to build a Maven plugin unless you use Maven to do it!


The core plugin, used to generate manifest and other metadata for projects that build an OSGi bundle.


A plugin used to generate an OSGi repository index from a set of Maven dependencies. The entries in the index will reference the location of the bundles in the remote repositories to which they have been deployed.


A plugin used to validate that a bundle correctly uses semantic versioning as described by the OSGi Alliance. This plugin will verify that the bundle and package versions of a module's output artifact are correct based on:

  • The bundle and package versions declared by the previously released version of the module.
  • Any changes that have been made to the packages exported by the bundle.
  • Any internal changes within the bundle.


A plugin to export bndrun files.


A plugin to resolve bndrun files.


A plugin to run integration tests from bndrun files.


A plugin to run a bndrun file.

Building the Maven Plugins

See the .travis.yml file in the root of the repo for the script section detailing the commands to build the Maven plugins. You must first run ./gradlew to build the Bnd bundles and install them in your local maven repo. You can then run Maven to build the Maven plugins.

Using the latest development SNAPSHOT build of the Bnd Maven Plugins

If you want to try the latest development SNAPSHOT build of the Bnd Maven Plugins, you will need to adjust your pom to refer to the snapshot repository and select the latest version of the plugins. For example, edit the pom's pluginManagement section, to configure the repository:

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