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Eclipse tools for developing OSGi bundles
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enRoute template & plugin loading from OSGi bundles
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@pkriens pkriens authored
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.gradle-wrapper gradlew: Update to 2.4
bndtools.api Maven layout template - fixes bndtools/bndtools#1125
bndtools.bndplugins Remove symlinks for .settings files
bndtools.builder [Error Markers] Add error markers for fields, useful for DS errors us…
bndtools.core [auxiliary] Allow bnd to load plugins from OSGi
bndtools.jareditor [auxiliary] Allow bnd to load plugins from OSGi
bndtools.manual Add acknowledgements for Paremus and Luminis
bndtools.release Remove symlinks for .settings files
bndtools.repository.amdatu Remove symlinks for .settings files
bndtools.repository.base Remove symlinks for .settings files
bndtools.repository.maven Remove symlinks for .settings files
bndtools.template.amdatu Remove symlinks for .settings files Remove symlinks for .settings files
bndtools.test [auxiliary] Allow bnd to load plugins from OSGi
bndtools.utils Remove symlinks for .settings files
build Remove symlinks for .settings files
cnf Remove symlinks for .settings files
org.bndtools.embeddedrepo Remove symlinks for .settings files Remove symlinks for .settings files Remove symlinks for .settings files Remove symlinks for .settings files
org.bndtools.versioncontrol.ignores.manager Remove symlinks for .settings files
org.bndtools.versioncontrol.ignores.plugin.git Remove symlinks for .settings files
.gitattributes gitattributes: add .gitattributes to repo
.gitignore Remove the Ant build
.mailmap Add .mailmap file for git shortlog
.travis.yml travis: Test under jdk8 as well as jdk7 gradlew: Update to 2.3 Create gradlew: Update to 2.3
build.gradle gradle: bnd plugin cannot set gestalt Use bnd_repourl in as the location of the bnd repo …
gradlew Install the Gradle wrapper in the workspace
gradlew.bat Install the Gradle wrapper in the workspace
settings.gradle gradle: bnd plugin cannot set gestalt

Bndtools: OSGi Development Tools for Eclipse

Please visit the Bndtools Home Page for full documentation.


Install using the Eclipse installer, using the following update site URL:

If you are feeling brave, install the latest alpha version from the following update site URLs instead:


BndTools is licensed under the Eclipse Public License v1.0.


Gradle is used to build bndtools. The workspace root has a build.gradle file that builds all projects in proper order.

./gradlew - Assembles and packages the projects into build/generated

The workspace root also includes the gradle wrapper, gradlew, command.

CloudBees Build Status Travis CI Build Status


bndtools is continuously built and released on CloudBees.

Built on DEV@cloud


Feedback is always welcome, for general discussions use the list. We also have the list for discussions on the development of bndtools.

Bugs and issues should go to


Want to hack on bndtools? There are instructions to get you started.

They are probably not perfect, please let us know if anything feels wrong or incomplete.

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