Changes in 2.2.2

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This page describes the changes since bndtools 2.1.0.REL. Changes in bnd (which is used internally in Bndtools) can be found here.

The easiest way to install this plugin is from the Eclipse Marketplace. You can also do this manually from the Eclipse install command. The update site is

You can download the release from GitHub or CloudBees continuous integration server.


  • Bndtools now requires at least Eclipse 3.7.2 (Indigo SR2)
  • Existing workspaces should update their cnf/buildrepo/biz.aQute.launcher to version 1.0.6 to fix issues with paths containing whitespace.
  • We're deprecating using a *.bnd file for run configurations, which is why we're no longer showing the 'Run Requirement/Resolve' panel on the Run tab in the bnd.bnd file. Best practice is to create special bndrun configurations.


  • Baselining is now fully supported (Neil Bartlett)
  • JPM integration (Neil Bartlett)
  • Support for Felix Dependency Manager (Paul Bakker)
  • Support for Amdatu (Paul Bakker)
  • Updating version information without releasing is now possible (PK Söreide)
  • New Blueprint XML file wizard (Tim Ward, Neil Bartlett)
  • Bndtools can now generate a Gradle build file (Experimental & disabled for release) (Paul Bakker, Ferry Huberts)


  • Fix concurrency issues in bnd workspace initialisation (PK Söreide)
  • Fix performance issues with source bundle lookup (PK Söreide)
  • Make sure bnd workspace is ready before initializing WorkspaceR5Repository (PK Söreide)
  • Fix #757 - Add / Remove Bndtools project nature not working in 2.2.0.REL
  • Fix #619: replace exisiting build entry on 'add to build path' (Neil Bartlett)
  • Fix #681: Dragging version of dependency to -buildpath => use Major.minor segments only (Neil Bartlett)
  • Fix #682: Wrong plugin class used for HttpBasicAuthURLConnector (Ferry Huberts)
  • Fix #686: add -runsystemcapabilities to bndrun files by default (Ferry Huberts)
  • Fix #694: Allow override of proposed release version (PK Söreide)
  • Fix #673: Use a macro to ensure welcome page has correct Bndtools version (Ferry Huberts)
  • Fix #693: workspace build errors right after eclipse startup (Neil Bartlett)
  • Fix #695: Release bundle without a valid repository fails silently (PK Söreide)
  • Fix #696: Release bundles UI hangs (PK Söreide)
  • Fix #697: Why are there two different UIs for releasing a bundle (PK Söreide)
  • Fix #703: Make the bundle description a single line editor on the description tab (Ferry Huberts)
  • Fix #704: Bnd Editor: Run tab: workspace repository must be first (Neil Bartlett)
  • Fix #712: Renaming project throws NPE when framework running (Neil Bartlett)
  • Fix #719: new project wizard should skip the 'Java Settings' (Neil Bartlett)
  • Fix #722: Saving a bndrun causes stack overflow (Bryan Hunt)
  • Fix #740: Add ee.minimum 1.2.1 and osgi.core 4.3.1 to buildrepo template (BJ Hargrave)
  • Allow drag from an IndexedRepo with non-workspace files (Neil Bartlett)
  • Allow run from project without bnd.bnd (Neil Bartlett)
  • Better error reporing and quick-fixes (Neil Bartlett)
  • Build/template: enable asserts for junit tests (Ferry Huberts)
  • Fix DND from Calculated Imports to Private/Export package (Neil Bartlett)
  • Improved resolution-reasons display (Neil Bartlett)
  • Various improvements to the repositories view (Neil Bartlett)
  • Various improvements to the resolver (Neil Bartlett)
  • Various improvements to the templates (Various)
  • Various fixes to included bnd plugins (Various)