Changes in 3.3.0

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Bndtools 3.3.0

Task Progress / Non-blocking UI

In the past you may have encountered cases where Bndtools would perform long tasks such as downloading dependencies on the UI thread which would lock Eclipse UI, in worst cases for minutes. Now all Bnd tasks such as downloading are reported with progress in the Eclipse Progress view. You may not interact with these long running tasks just like other Eclipse workspace jobs and can see progress or cancel them. Also, other parts of the UI now report that the Workspace is still loading usually because download tasks are still running. These messages are removed once the Workspace is fully available.

Bnd Workspace Improvements

Previously, creating a Bnd OSGi Workspace often left Eclipse in a state that required a combination of a Clean..., Eclipse restart, or manually editing files in order to clear error markers. This process has been re-worked and extensively tested to ensure a better user experience.

Standalone support

  • TBD


Several issues have been fixed around Eclipse debugger integration. The first source lookups that users may have run into in the past. Now we are using a new RuntimeClasspath mechanism that should more precisely build runtime classpaths for Bnd project launches allowing the Eclipse debugger to more correctly lookup project debug source.

Another issue that some people may have noticed is that Bnd launch configurations would lose some settings information after first configuration. That has now been fixed.

Lastly, some work was done to make Bndtools lookup source in external repositories better.

Repositories View Improvements

  • The repository view will automatically refresh once on startup of Eclipse but it will be done in the background as to not block the UI.
  • Also when no Bnd workspace configuration is present the Repositories view will show a shortcut for launching the Bnd workspace wizard.

Other Notable Changes

Backwards compatibility

  • The Bndtools Bundle Hub workspace template has been deprecated and will be removed in the next release of Bndtools. The bndtools/bundle-hub repository itself will remain available.

Known Issues

  • None at this time.
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