Arduino 101 Sketch to Advertise an Eddystone URL
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Arduino 101 Sketch to Advertise an Eddystone URL

This sketch is intended to be an Arduino/Genuino 101 Eddystone-compatible Sketch

The Eddystone BLE protocol is used by the Physical Web(tm) project. The Physical Web project is about BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) beacons that broadcast URLs so your users don't have to download an app just to interact with your device.

NOTE: this version doesn't support Eddystone Config mode. To change the beacon URL, you need to modify the Sketch and reload the beacon.

NOTE: this Sketch requires my modifications to the CurieBLE library to support beacon Advertising. These changes can be seen in my support-eddystone-url pull request for the CurieBLE library, or as my repo containing those changes.

See the comments in the .ino file for more details.