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- Use cmake to generate flex scanner
- Bugfix: bobcat interface changes #28
- Change build system to cmake only
- Bugfix: multiple variable shadow problems resolved
- Bugfix: fix configure build problem with newest bobcat library headers
- Bugfix: lock PREC output
- Bugfix: file path handling of files with multiple "../" elements was wrong.
- Multi-threading support using OpenMP (try -j 5)
- Sub-process invocation using bobcat::Process (libbobcat 2.0+ required)
- Header file lines in ccResolutions do not need to contain spaces anymore
- Build last modified file first
- Use gnutls-openssl library for MD5 instead of libgcrypt
- Use a single top-level "o" directory, instead of a per directory option
- Use of intermediate archive is nolonger experimental
- libboost is now required for build, currently headers only
- The "deps" command is now influenced by --verbose
- Dropped the "tree" command. If you need is, try "check" or open an issue
- The output of the "deps" command is now:
1st line: local headers (|head -n1)
2nd line: local source (|head -n2|tail -n1)
3rd line: global headers (|tail -n1)
- Local resolution file load list is now:
- New feature: --batch
Compile a batch of files with one g++ call before
any other compilation. This effectively disables
any multi-threading, but may speed things up.
The exact behavior of this option may change in the
- Behaviour change: icmake
The icmake command now lists the new CLASSES format and
will leave out any classes already mentioned unless
--verbose is flagged.
- New homepage location, moved from sourceforge to github.
- Mac OSX patches by sent in by Michiel Holtkamp
- Flex detection in autotools configure stage
- Added --nowarn to suppress warnings about unknown includes
- Fix MD5 sum bug, created with moving to libgcrypt
- Moved doc/debiandoc to doc/ccbuild
- Added NODEBUG to debug.hh and the configure script
- Move to libgcrypt for the MD5 implementation to allow ccbuild to be packaged
- Remove automate.cache from distribution source package
- Bashisms removed from tools/*.sh
- Closed ~/.ccbuild/ccResolutions~/ loading problem
- Autotools installation script added
- Relink every target after the first link is needed
closes bug 1424010
- Faster distclean
- Remove o/*.rpo files in distclean
- cleanPath bug fixed, eliminating bugs in find "../../" headers.
- Break loop when q is given.
- Archive only when you have multiple objects
- Archiving between compile and link failed on me.
So moved it to an experimental option.
- Archive before link, this produces smaller binaries.
- Debug information nolonger shows.
- Start of --xml output support, implemented for check.
- Small documentation changes.
- Better system() call return status handling
- --append now also works for the lib command
- Clean all works on both binary and non binary targets (for libraries)
- Code cleanup
- Dropped the --realman option in favour of cleaner code.
- Without sources, the ccbuild will now do nothing
- Behaviour change: loop now requests a _return_ before continuing looping.
Although this is less of a loop, it removes the problems arising from
editing a file while g++ is running and still keeps you from rewritten
the commandline arguments and rescanning unchanged files.
- Memory leaks plugged for: Globals, MD5, Arguments.
- Possible bugfix: local directory to root translation?
- Strip command in changed, closes bug 1328023.
- Bugfix: moved linker flags to behind the objects in accordance with
( )
- The option -V has been added in support of --version.
- The --pversion has been added as the only way to enter the library version.
- The library command takes only a source as a possible argument, no version.
! Bahaviour change: the lib command nolonger takes a version argument.
! Bahaviour change: if no binary target is found, build is chained to lib.
- Documented the use of -(*)threads under caveats.
- New "make help" possible.
- Usage manual update.
- Full movement to new homepage
- Added clean rule to the Makefile
- Moved homepage reference to a variable
- Hopefully removed the file before distribution
- Bugfix: Makefile output wasn't set next to the source.
- Bugfix: Back to the old Make rules, from back in 0.9.6
(where the main target only depends on the directories.)
- Added script, to clean and update before packaging.
- Moved Make and A-A-P files to top directory
- Optimization set to 2.
- Bugfix in distclean where not all .gch files where removed.
- Experimental "lib" command
- Bugfix: linking wasn't done when the main program changed.
! Complete rewrite of MD5 sums system
- ccResolutions.d files are loaded alphabatically
- Added the md5 command, to generate a list of MD5 sums
- Rewritten the options class
- Doxygen mainpage updated
! Bugfix: -C now works before default argument loading
(ccResolutions should be in the directory pointed to by -C).
! Behaviour change: ccbuild will now ignore all include
statements with a single space after the "#" character.
- deps commands shows a line with ignored headers in the center.
- dot command in verbose mode shows the ignored headers collected in a box.
- Bugfix: the examples were not quoted correctly in the manual page.
- In verbose mode, ignored headers are mentioned on the stderr.
! Bugfix: found binary targets in subdirectories are nolonger
- A-A-P rule rewrite with more variables and seperation.
- Bugfix: first file in aap rule wasn't quoted.
- Added the --version commandline option.
- A-A-P rules now include "INCLUDE", "DEFINE", "LIBS" and "conf".
- Bugfix in MD5 hash storing (Not all were always generated and stored).
! Allot of bugfixes regarding MD5 hashes.
- Nolonger show MD5 as TESTING in help (although it might still be :-S).
- Check command with verbose now shows filetype ccbuild thinks it is.
- Dot command with verbose will show all tree targets.
- Bugfix: clean command now removes md5 files.
- Removed nolonger working icmake buildscript
! Bugfix: Ignore multiple arguments for compiler/linker.
! Added aap command for a-a-p file generation.
- MD5 sums are now stored seperately (o/filename.md5).
- Warning when expansion results in an empty string.
- Complete rewrite of the Compilers argument parser.
- Doxygen documentation for all members.
- Changed the update checking system (better md5 support).
- Code cleanup.
! "--add" renamed to "--args".
- Better long argument parsing warnings.
- In makefiles, objects depend on their ownd output directory.
! Added a-a-p script, so installation is may now be cd src; aap install
- Added support for ".CPP" as a source extension.
! Added -L to isLinkerArgument, was missing!
- Bahaviour change: --recursive-include now also adds -I to the commands.
- Behaviour change: exec-on-fail/pass work only on PRE and CC commands.
- Documentation update.
- icmake slave mode never outputs the local path "."
- If a command fails, the MD5Hash is removed from memory.
- Cleaner exits, which means better/worse MD5Hash storing,
this option still needs more testing.
- Bugfix: -C argument sometimes got an extra space because of an error in
Arguments class.
- Removed all rule for single source makefile generations.
- Added flex generation fule to default install makefile.
! Added MD5 hashing support, as a TESTING feature.
- Added removal of o/md5usms files in makefile.
- Behaviour change: deps now outputs: local include \n\n global includes
This will make it scriptable using `ccbuild deps <file>|[head|tail] -n1`
! Bugfix: wrong shell expansion caused a segfault. (C functions...)
! Bugfix: Resolution was only done on update?
! Bugfix: command argument in loop created segfault.
- Added --nodefargs option, to stop default arguments.
- Added --nodefres option, to stop default resolutions.
- Behaviour change: -I is automatically passed on to g++
- Behaviour change: In brute mode, rm output files on failure.
- Cancel brute mode when g++ returns 2.
- Dropped a few TODO's.
- Makefile with support for all header precompilation.
! Bugfix: "Unable to resolve:" message was broken showing pointers.
! Bugfix: resolving all showed the same global multiple times
- Added the recursive-include option.
! Bugfix: clean didn't remove the binary target object file.
- All precompiled headers are removed when using no precompilation
this is needed because forgetting the -p option will make g++
use old precompiled headers which can give really weird errors.
! Bugfix: last, instead of first, resolution rule was used.
- Additional arguments read from ccResolutions' first line
if this starts with "#&".
- Source tree change in loop forces reload of everything and
removes objects of binary targets.
- Loop option will only work in combination with build command.
- _DebugLevel macro now also outputs "D<debuglevel>"
- Internal header precompilation in Makefile.
- Added a distclean rule in Makefile.
- Bugfix: .PHONY for all rule.
- Better memory cleanup on exit.
- Added the -I option to add local search paths
- Made the resolver faster (by chaching expand calls) and more
memory efficient using pointers.
- Added a tool script to list all headers for a package and create
a resolution file. See tools/
! Bugfix: distclean nolonger calls cleanAll. So now
distclean is truly source independent.
- Code cleanup using STL set container.
- Speed-up for resolution and global header listing (GO pointers!)
(which should also encompass a mem usage cut)
- Added an experimental --loop option.
- Added the resolve command.
! Bugfix: lexer rules for includes didn't allow comments after includes
! Bugfix: headers don't have to end in .hh or any other header extension.
Redefined isHeader. This means that sources are identified by extension
and headers are now anything which isn't a source.
- Transition from "make" utility to "build" utility.
! Bugfix: Argument parser could cause an abort.
- Rewrite of build, check, makefile, icmake and dot commands.
- Code cleaup using by adding UpToDate function
- Support for first "not by me" projects!
! Bugfix: Include scanning error handling (and detection) was broken.
- Code cleanup: foreach to _foreach, debugLevel.. to _debugLevel...
! Bugfix: "[DONE]" message on stderr instead of stdout.
- Added options: real-man, highlight, clearpc, append, exec-on-pass,
- Repeated options are supported (Arguments class hack).
- Added command "check" to check the up to date status of sourcefiles.
- Added command "icmake" to act as an icmake slave: output class directories.
- New status webpage creation tool, see the tools directory.
- Real men can now use: "ccbuild --real-man 2>/dev/null"
(Also see: Real Man's Compiler Collection on Freshmeat)
- Added support for ".H" as header extension.
- Added the -C option, which works just like the make -C
to change directory before anything else.
- Added the "brute" option. To make ccbuild ignore compiler errors.
- Added option to precompile all headers, not just internal headers.
I noticed that precompiler headers is only faster when you don't use
internal headers at all, otherwise it's not that handy.
! Behaviour change: precompile before any normal compilation.
(due to flattend build algorithm)
- Small speed-up (in isReadable code).
- The distclean command nolonger uses clean, so it should work
without a working source tree again (which is the reason it's there).
! Bugfix: Internal headers where dependent on .cc files.
This made the ccbuild want to precompile internal headers to often.
! Bugfix: Loading of ccResolutions.d files might have been broken.
- Removed "#define" rule from sourcescanner, g++ should be able to do this
at the moment. However we might need it in the future.
- Cleaner class has removed in favour of a flat cleaning algorithm.
- Link phase has been seperated from binaryTarget compilation.
- Precompilation is no longer testing. However the implementation will
probably be changed in some future release (see TODO).
- Compiler has a cleaner and more "const" interface.
- Added a small installation script to make up for not having autotools files.
- Added all ANSI C++ header files to static ignore list. (
- Removed default path searches. Now, ccbuild needs a ccResolutions file
to be build with ccbuild. It made me notice, and remove, a superflourish
include statement in already, so it's a good thing ;-)
! Wrong line number in resolution errors fixed.
- Load all ~/.ccbuild/ccResolutions.d/* files into resolver.
- Added a default ccResolutions.d in the tools directory,
containing a list of known standard unix headers.
- Added the --compiler option to change de base command of the compiler.
! Precompilation is now testing code! You need g++ 3.4 or up though,
so try using: ccbuild -p --compiler g++-3.4
- Moved back to "g++ -Wall -g" as default command.
! Fixed loading of ~/.ccbuild/ccResolutions, which was broken.
- Always say something. ccbuild should now always output something.
- All not-linker options are now compiler options. Which _should_ mean
more or even all options are interpreted correctly.
- Split testtree from distribution and added some libglademm examples to it.
! Added evaluation of ccResolution lines, meaning you can now use:
gtkmm.h `/usr/bin/pkg-config --cflags --libs gtkmm-2.0`
- Not empty leftover arguments after parsing from the resolution file are mentioned.
- Code clean-up. Should make building just a few microseconds faster.
! Handle the -Wl,... option which was wrongly interpeted as a compile-time option.
- Experimental internalHeader precompilation support. Still gives warnings and
I still have to run a few benchmarks on it. (see the tools/benchmark script)
- Moved to "g++ -Wall -ggdb" instead of "g++ -Wall -g" as default command.
- Centralized globSourceFiles function, to support all source types (".cc", ".cpp" etc.).
! Fixed a bug in building single files (dependencies were not generated).
- Argument parser in addArgument function of compiler. No Bash evaluation yet but.
using the output from "pkg-config --cflags" in your ccResolution file shouldn't
be a problem.
- Added the 'distclean' command, which empties and removes all 'o' directories.
- Added a few variables to the generated Makefile.
- Changed the interface of the Compiler and Cleaner classes (see rmCompileOptions).
- ccResolutions files now may have extra spaces and must have one tab to seperate
the values. Also comment lines are possible (start with "#").
- Added a new example to the testtree showing the use of something that came out
of pkg-config. Added using the following command:
echo -e gtkmm.h "\t\t" `pkg-config gtkmm-2.4 --cflags --libs` >> ccResolutions
This should, if you have gtkmm-2.4 development files, allow to build.
- Fixed header file dependencie in Makefile.
- Error message added when a local include isn't found/loadable.
- Default compiler command is set to "g++ -Wall -g".
- Behavior change: when you add an option (using --add) the defaults are removed.
- Unknown commands are mentioned.
- Arguments class now has a const interface for flag and argument testing!.
- Solved a few //TODO's.
- Support for ".cpp" extension.
v0.0.1.1: Emergency repair release...
! Directory dependencie of object target rules in Makefile broke it.
making make think it always needed to update.
- Some documentation changes.
- Makefile contains correct version in the ccbuild banner.
- All rule for single bintarget Makefiles.
Initial release!
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