A poorly performing but compliant CommonMark implementation in Swift.
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A CommonMark-compliant markdown renderer written in Swift.

  • It is a port of stmd.js with a slow move towards Swiftisms. (Pattern matching!)
  • I've only tested in in Xcode6.1β.
  • It is currently about 65 TIMES SLOWER than the JavaScript reference implementation.

    Literally 65 times slower. This thing spends more 25% of its time in _swift_release_ and _swift_retain_, and rediculous amounds of time in objc_msgSend, icu::RegexMatcher::MatchAt, OSAtomicCompareAndSwapPtrBarrier$VARIANT$mp, and some others. There are 11 low level functions that flat out take longer than stmd.js. Diving deeper, I spend more time releasing references to Swift.Character than stmd.js spends parsing a document.

    There are probably areas where I can do better, the regex engine can do better, the compiler can do better, etc. Right now though, man it's slow.