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Minimial recomputation for explorative data analysis
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RECIPE: Minimal recomputation for radio astronomy

This is version 2 of recipe which focuses on memoization. See the PASP article: Nikolic, Small & Kettenis (2017) "Minimal Re-computation for Exploratory Data Analysis in Astronomy". Licensed under GPL (like the dependency CASA).

How to install

export CASADIR=/home/user/p/casa-release-5.1.0-74.el7/
${CASADIR:? must be set}/bin/python
${CASADIR}/bin/pip2.7 install --upgrade setuptools

Then either install from GitHub

${CASADIR:? must be set}/bin/pip install git+

OR install from internet

${CASADIR:? must be set}/bin/pip install --extra-index-url= recipe

How to use

The two main things to remember about how Recipe works:

  1. Output will always be contained in a directory returned by the function (assign it to a variable!). Any explictly specified output will be ignored.

  2. If a task modified it's input, the modified input will be in the output directory

from recipe import casatasks as c

How to contribute

git clone
git send-email --to=""

Or if you prefer GitHub, see:

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