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Matrix bot tuned for Mozilla's needs
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This is a very work-in-progress bot for Matrix, to use on the Mozilla Matrix server.


Make sure that nodejs 10 or more is installed on your machine.

  • Run npm install to make sure all your dependencies are up to date.
  • Copy config.json.example to config.json and fill the access token for your bot as documented there.
  • (Optional) Make your code beautiful with npm run pretty.
  • Start the script with npm start.

Available modules

See the list. You can refer to a module by its filename in the modules directory.

How to create a new module

  • Create a new JS file in ./src/modules.
  • It must export an object of the form:
    handler: async function(client, roomId, msg) {
        client.sendText(roomId, "hello world!");
    help: "An help message for this module."
  • The module's name is the file name, add it to your configuration.
  • Fun and profit.


A Dockerfile has been set up to ease local and production deployment of this bot. You can spawn an instance with the following:

docker run -ti \
    -v /path/to/local/config.json:/config.json \
    -v /path/to/local/data-dir:/app/data \


If you want to hang out and talk about botzilla, please join our Matrix room.

There's also a Matrix room to try the bot features live.

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