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CreditWise is an educational Progressive Web App game that was created in a group of six for the final project for the Northcoders coding bootcamp, completed July 2018. It consists of a game as well as an admin site where game statistics can be seen.

The game is intended to introduce financial responsibility to Key Stage 2 primary school children. It provides real time and retrospective statistics to the admin user and is also available offline. It was built with Node.js, React.js, Redux and Firebase

Getting Started - local

These instructions will help you get a local version running.

Please clone the repo from:

Run npm install in the command line to get the required dependencies.

npm install

You will need to create a Firebase account in order to play the game locally. To do this, you need to create a config.js file in the firebase folder. Please visit for info on how to create an account then replace the info below with your credentials.

import firebase from ‘firebase’;
import ‘firebase/firestore’;

const config = {
 apiKey: `${YOUR-API-KEY}`,
 databaseURL: `https://${URL-TO-YOUR-DATABASE}`,
 projectId: ‘${YOUR-PROJECT-NAME}’


export const db = firebase.firestore();

To launch the development server, run the start script

npm start

This will open the app in your browser at this address:


Please enter the following id and create a username to play the game locally:


The admin code can repo also be viewed here

Getting Started - live

Please visit the admin site at to create an account. When you sign in, you are given an account id.

You can then visit the game at: and input this id and your name.


Hannah Bennett:

Luke Birkett:

Renaldus Jakas:

Brad Lockhart:

Ben Marley:

Patrick Walsh:


Thanks to team CreditWise.