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@@ -653,7 +653,7 @@ app.get('/', function (req, res) {
-Moreover, you can access the user in your views as `everyauth.user`.
+Moreover, you can access the user in your views as `everyauth.user` or as `user`.
//- Inside ./views/home.jade
@@ -676,8 +676,34 @@ Then, from within your views, you will have access to the following helpers meth
attached to the helper, `everyauth`:
- `everyauth.loggedIn`
-- (more - we copy over req.session.auth keys/values to the everyauth helper)
+- `everyauth.user` - the mongoose User document associated with the session
+- `everyauth.facebook` - The is equivalent to what is stored at `req.session.auth.facebook`,
+ so you can do things like ...
+- `everyauth.facebook.user` - returns the user json provided from the OAuth provider.
+- `everyauth.facebook.accessToken` - returns the access_token provided from the OAuth provider
+ for authorized API calls on behalf of the user.
+- And you also get this pattern for other modules - e.g., `everyauth.twitter.user`,
+ `everyauth.github.user`, etc.
+You also get access to the view helper
+- `user` - the same as `everyauth.user` above
+As an example of how you would use these, consider the following `./views/user.jade` jade template:
+ .user-id
+ .label User Id
+ .value #{}
+ .facebook-id
+ .label User Facebook Id
+ .value #{}
+`mongoose-auth` also provides convenience methods on the `ServerRequest` instance `req`.
+From any scope that has access to `req`, you get the following convenience getters and methods:
+- `req.loggedIn` - a Boolean getter that tells you if the request is by a logged in user
+- `req.user` - the mongoose User document associated with the session
+- `req.logout()` - clears the sesion of your auth data
## Configuring a Module

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csanz commented on 43a79f8 May 3, 2011

congrats man, I'm staring to make the swith on a diff project... I'll let you know if I see anything crazy

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