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…loses GH-274)
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@@ -85,8 +85,15 @@ So far, `everyauth` enables you to login via:
## Installation
+If you are using Connect 1.x or Express 2.x, install via:
$ npm install everyauth
+If you are using Express 3.x, install via:
+ $ npm install git://
## Quick Start
Using everyauth comes down to just 2 simple steps if using Connect
or 3 simple steps if using Express:

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Hi @bnoguchi,
this is an awesome library. I can see you are very busy keeping all the pull requests sorted and therefore I don't blame you of forgetting stuff, but I might just mention that most probably the should also contain these code snippets
when it comes to the instructions to help install on express3? Am I right?

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