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How to make a new release of scikit-tracker

  • Update release notes in doc/source/release/

  • Update doc/source/new.txt to add new release notes

  • Update the version number in:

    • doc/source/_static/docversions.js
    • sktracker/ and commit
  • Commit

  • Pull git submodule to build doc : make init_submodule

  • Build doc : make doc

  • Check doc is ok lcoally and then push doc : make push_doc

  • Add the version number as a tag in git : git tag v0.X.0

  • Push the new meta-data to github : git push --tags origin master

  • Create release on Github so zenodo can create and update DOI

  • Publish on PyPi :

   python register
   python sdist upload
  • Increase the version number in sktracker/ and dev suffix.

  • Update the development docs for the new version 0.X-dev just like above

  • Push the new dev doc

  • Go drink a beer, you deserved it :-)

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