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Call xgettext to generate the cataloge:
xgettext -j --keyword="_" -C -o radiant.pot --omit-header radiant/*.cpp radiant/*.h
Create new translation:
Use a po file editor like Poedit to edit and create new po files.
Select 'New Cataloge from pot' and select the radiant.pot. Enter the translation
data and you can start to translate the available strings. The po files should
go into po/ in the radiant svn.
Using translations:
You just have to copy the compiled mo-file (which is auto-generated when you
save your translation in Poedit) into your radiant installation folder
to lang/<your_language_id>/LC_MESSAGES/ The next time you start
radiant, your translation should be available.
General notes:
In order to start radiant in a translated version, you have to make sure that
the working dir is set correctly. Otherwise the mo files are not found.