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Copyright (C) 1999-2005 Id Software, Inc.
This file is part of Quake III Arena source code.
Quake III Arena source code is free software; you can redistribute it
and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as
published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License,
or (at your option) any later version.
Quake III Arena source code is distributed in the hope that it will be
useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
GNU General Public License for more details.
You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
along with Foobar; if not, write to the Free Software
Foundation, Inc., 51 Franklin St, Fifth Floor, Boston, MA 02110-1301 USA
#ifndef __QFILES_H__
#define __QFILES_H__
// qfiles.h: quake file formats
// This file must be identical in the quake and utils directories
// surface geometry should not exceed these limits
// the maximum size of game reletive pathnames
#define MAX_QPATH 64
#if 0
PCX files are used for 8 bit images
typedef struct {
char manufacturer;
char version;
char encoding;
char bits_per_pixel;
unsigned short xmin,ymin,xmax,ymax;
unsigned short hres,vres;
unsigned char palette[48];
char reserved;
char color_planes;
unsigned short bytes_per_line;
unsigned short palette_type;
char filler[58];
unsigned char data; // unbounded
} pcx_t;
TGA files are used for 24/32 bit images
typedef struct _TargaHeader {
unsigned char id_length, colormap_type, image_type;
unsigned short colormap_index, colormap_length;
unsigned char colormap_size;
unsigned short x_origin, y_origin, width, height;
unsigned char pixel_size, attributes;
} TargaHeader;
#endif // #if 0
.MD3 triangle model file format
#define MD3_IDENT (('3'<<24)+('P'<<16)+('D'<<8)+'I')
#define MD3_VERSION 15
// limits
#define MD3_MAX_LODS 4
#define MD3_MAX_TRIANGLES 8192 // per surface
#define MD3_MAX_VERTS 4096 // per surface
#define MD3_MAX_SHADERS 256 // per surface
#define MD3_MAX_FRAMES 1024 // per model
#define MD3_MAX_SURFACES 32 // per model
#define MD3_MAX_TAGS 16 // per frame
// vertex scales
#define MD3_XYZ_SCALE (1.0/64)
typedef struct md3Frame_s {
vec3_t bounds[2];
vec3_t localOrigin;
float radius;
char name[16];
} md3Frame_t;
typedef struct md3Tag_s {
char name[MAX_QPATH]; // tag name
vec3_t origin;
vec3_t axis[3];
} md3Tag_t;
** md3Surface_t
** header sizeof( md3Surface_t )
** shaders sizeof( md3Shader_t ) * numShaders
** triangles[0] sizeof( md3Triangle_t ) * numTriangles
** st sizeof( md3St_t ) * numVerts
** XyzNormals sizeof( md3XyzNormal_t ) * numVerts * numFrames
typedef struct {
int ident; //
char name[MAX_QPATH]; // polyset name
int flags;
int numFrames; // all surfaces in a model should have the same
int numShaders; // all surfaces in a model should have the same
int numVerts;
int numTriangles;
int ofsTriangles;
int ofsShaders; // offset from start of md3Surface_t
int ofsSt; // texture coords are common for all frames
int ofsXyzNormals; // numVerts * numFrames
int ofsEnd; // next surface follows
} md3Surface_t;
typedef struct {
char name[MAX_QPATH];
int shaderIndex; // for in-game use
} md3Shader_t;
typedef struct {
int indexes[3];
} md3Triangle_t;
typedef struct {
float st[2];
} md3St_t;
typedef struct {
short xyz[3];
short normal;
} md3XyzNormal_t;
typedef struct {
int ident;
int version;
char name[MAX_QPATH]; // model name
int flags;
int numFrames;
int numTags;
int numSurfaces;
int numSkins;
int ofsFrames; // offset for first frame
int ofsTags; // numFrames * numTags
int ofsSurfaces; // first surface, others follow
int ofsEnd; // end of file
} md3Header_t;
.BSP file format
#define Q3_BSP_IDENT (('P'<<24)+('S'<<16)+('B'<<8)+'I')
// little-endian "IBSP"
#define Q3_BSP_VERSION 46
// quick fix for creating aas files for ql bsp's.
// (later this will probably need to be seperated, if we plan to add further support for ql)
#define QL_BSP_IDENT (('P'<<24)+('S'<<16)+('B'<<8)+'I')
// little-endian "IBSP"
#define QL_BSP_VERSION 47
// ***********************************************************
// there shouldn't be any problem with increasing these values at the
// expense of more memory allocation in the utilities
#define Q3_MAX_MAP_MODELS 0x400
#define Q3_MAX_MAP_BRUSHES 0x8000
#define Q3_MAX_MAP_ENTITIES 0x800
#define Q3_MAX_MAP_ENTSTRING 0x10000
#define Q3_MAX_MAP_SHADERS 0x400
#define Q3_MAX_MAP_AREAS 0x100 // MAX_MAP_AREA_BYTES in q_shared must match!
#define Q3_MAX_MAP_FOGS 0x100
#define Q3_MAX_MAP_PLANES 0x10000
#define Q3_MAX_MAP_NODES 0x10000
#define Q3_MAX_MAP_BRUSHSIDES 0x10000
#define Q3_MAX_MAP_LEAFS 0x10000
#define Q3_MAX_MAP_LEAFFACES 0x10000
#define Q3_MAX_MAP_LEAFBRUSHES 0x10000
#define Q3_MAX_MAP_PORTALS 0x10000
#define Q3_MAX_MAP_LIGHTING 0x400000
#define Q3_MAX_MAP_LIGHTGRID 0x400000
#define Q3_MAX_MAP_VISIBILITY 0x200000
#define Q3_MAX_MAP_DRAW_SURFS 0x20000
#define Q3_MAX_MAP_DRAW_VERTS 0x80000
#define Q3_MAX_MAP_DRAW_INDEXES 0x80000
// key / value pair sizes in the entities lump
#define Q3_MAX_KEY 32
#define Q3_MAX_VALUE 1024
// the editor uses these predefined yaw angles to orient entities up or down
#define ANGLE_UP -1
#define ANGLE_DOWN -2
#define LIGHTMAP_WIDTH 128
typedef struct {
int fileofs, filelen;
} q3_lump_t;
#define Q3_LUMP_ENTITIES 0
#define Q3_LUMP_SHADERS 1
#define Q3_LUMP_PLANES 2
#define Q3_LUMP_NODES 3
#define Q3_LUMP_LEAFS 4
#define Q3_LUMP_MODELS 7
#define Q3_LUMP_BRUSHES 8
#define Q3_LUMP_DRAWVERTS 10
#define Q3_LUMP_FOGS 12
#define Q3_LUMP_SURFACES 13
#define Q3_LUMP_LIGHTMAPS 14
#define Q3_LUMP_LIGHTGRID 15
#define Q3_HEADER_LUMPS 17
typedef struct {
int ident;
int version;
q3_lump_t lumps[Q3_HEADER_LUMPS];
} q3_dheader_t;
typedef struct {
float mins[3], maxs[3];
int firstSurface, numSurfaces;
int firstBrush, numBrushes;
} q3_dmodel_t;
typedef struct {
char shader[MAX_QPATH];
int surfaceFlags;
int contentFlags;
} q3_dshader_t;
// planes (x&~1) and (x&~1)+1 are allways opposites
typedef struct {
float normal[3];
float dist;
} q3_dplane_t;
typedef struct {
int planeNum;
int children[2]; // negative numbers are -(leafs+1), not nodes
int mins[3]; // for frustom culling
int maxs[3];
} q3_dnode_t;
typedef struct {
int cluster; // -1 = opaque cluster (do I still store these?)
int area;
int mins[3]; // for frustum culling
int maxs[3];
int firstLeafSurface;
int numLeafSurfaces;
int firstLeafBrush;
int numLeafBrushes;
} q3_dleaf_t;
typedef struct {
int planeNum; // positive plane side faces out of the leaf
int shaderNum;
} q3_dbrushside_t;
typedef struct {
int firstSide;
int numSides;
int shaderNum; // the shader that determines the contents flags
} q3_dbrush_t;
typedef struct {
char shader[MAX_QPATH];
int brushNum;
int visibleSide; // the brush side that ray tests need to clip against (-1 == none)
} q3_dfog_t;
typedef struct {
vec3_t xyz;
float st[2];
float lightmap[2];
vec3_t normal;
byte color[4];
} q3_drawVert_t;
typedef enum {
} q3_mapSurfaceType_t;
typedef struct {
int shaderNum;
int fogNum;
int surfaceType;
int firstVert;
int numVerts;
int firstIndex;
int numIndexes;
int lightmapNum;
int lightmapX, lightmapY;
int lightmapWidth, lightmapHeight;
vec3_t lightmapOrigin;
vec3_t lightmapVecs[3]; // for patches, [0] and [1] are lodbounds
int patchWidth;
int patchHeight;
} q3_dsurface_t;