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git-svn-id: 78cadc50-ecff-11dd-a971-7dbc132099af
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1 parent 9e37d6b commit 9b14461b8a4687d0437dcaeb6458c2601934909a committed Oct 3, 2012
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  1. +1 −1 pylib/gyp/generator/
2 pylib/gyp/generator/
@@ -954,7 +954,7 @@ def WriteTarget(self, spec, config_name, config, link_deps, compile_deps):
if self.xcode_settings:
- if self.is_standalone_static_library:
+ if self.is_standalone_static_library or self.flavor in ['mac', 'win']:, 'alink', link_deps,
order_only=compile_deps, variables=variables)

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