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All you need to know when hacking (modifying) GNU libiconv or when building
it off the CVS.
You will need reasonably recent versions of the build tools:
* A C compiler. Such as GNU GCC.
+ Homepage:
* GNU automake
+ Homepage:
* GNU autoconf
+ Homepage:
* GNU m4
+ Homepage:
* GNU gperf
+ Homepage:
* GNU groff 1.17 or newer
+ Homepage:
* Perl
+ Homepage:
* Either an internet connection or a recent copy of GNU gnulib.
+ Homepage:
And, of course, the packages listed in the DEPENDENCIES file.
Building off the CVS
Access to the CVS is described at .
After fetching the sources from the CVS, peek at the comments in,
then run "./"; then you can proceed with "./configure" as usual.
Adding new encodings
For an indication which encodings are acceptable in the official version of
GNU libiconv, take a look at NOTES.
For an indication which files need to be modified when adding a new encoding,
look for example at the 2007-05-25 ChangeLog entry for RK1048. The lib/*.h
file for an encoding is usually generated by one of the tools in the tools/
directory. All you need to provide is the conversion table in the format of
the many *.TXT files.