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...for purposes of dumping to /tmp and such.


Looks rather complicated. A much simpler solution IMO is to change writeSnapshot() and make it take an optional filename.

Agreed. However, that won't work with the SIGUSR2 hookup, which is what I need. Maybe a better solution to remove automatic SIGUSR2 stuff, with all it's platform dependencies, add a parameter to writeSnapshot() which is a file name, and then people can do:

    process.on('SIGUSR2', function() {
      heapdump.writeSnapshot('heapdump-' +; // or hrtime().sec/nsec

We'd end up with a simple function. Maybe even one that belongs in process bindings in node proper—would you be interested in that patch?


Don't remove the SIGUSR2 handler, I use that (and not just me). I'm okay with changing writeSnapshot() as long as the argument is optional.

nsabovic commented Apr 3, 2013

I definitely use SIGUSR2 handler, I just prefer to install it myself through node. Since the whole thing is pretty small, I ended up just forking it.

@nsabovic nsabovic closed this Apr 3, 2013
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