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src: upgrade to nan 0.8.0
Should make it possible to compile against node.js v0.11.12.

Fixes #11.


src: fix use after free
The memory of the uv_poll_t handle was freed without the handle being
closed first.  As a result, it was still referenced internally by libuv,
leading to spurious segmentation faults.  This looks like an oversight
in the switch from libev to libuv in commit 04dd6d7.

You'd think _I_ of all people would know better, wouldn't you?

Fixes #8.


src: convert to NAN for Node 0.8->0.11+ compat


src: fix debug build add-on loading
Before this commit, the loader in src/unix_dgram.js only looked for the
release build add-on.  This commit makes it:

 * Fall back to the debug build if no release build is found, and

 * Removes the node-waf workaround.  Support for node-waf was removed
   in commit e7e3f71 so there is no point in keeping it around.

Fixes #5 and #9.


src: switch from ev_io to uv_poll_t
Update package.json, the minimum required node version is now 0.7.9.


Update author section in package.json
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