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fs: make mkdir() default to 0777 permissions

Fixes #1999.
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1 parent 52eaac4 commit 11d68eb3fc3c2f8d377cf8c50f1babb8d1f82d5f @bnoordhuis committed
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4 lib/fs.js
@@ -354,11 +354,11 @@ fs.fsyncSync = function(fd) {
fs.mkdir = function(path, mode, callback) {
- binding.mkdir(path, modeNum(mode), callback || noop);
+ binding.mkdir(path, modeNum(mode, 511 /*=0777*/), callback || noop);
koichik added a note

modeNum(mode, '0777')?

@bnoordhuis Owner

As a natural born optimizer it pains me to do a superfluous parseInt(s, 8) every call...

koichik added a note

I see. Strict mode should get back OctalIntegerLiteral...

@bnoordhuis Owner

I suspect it caters to web developers who've never heard of octal in the first place, then spend days tracking down bugs caused by a stray zero.

I'd rather leave the patch as it is. LGTY?

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fs.mkdirSync = function(path, mode) {
- return binding.mkdir(path, modeNum(mode));
+ return binding.mkdir(path, modeNum(mode, 511 /*=0777*/));
fs.sendfile = function(outFd, inFd, inOffset, length, callback) {

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