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Check that PR_SET_NAME is defined.

Avoids breaking the build with older (pre-2006) linux kernels.
Raises a JS exception if the script tries to assign to `process.title`.

Fixes #840.
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commit 90cccf8f0832f0ae8ba839bf2ebf4f28d08cc54c 1 parent 8248dc6
@bnoordhuis authored
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6 src/
@@ -64,9 +64,15 @@ char** Platform::SetupArgs(int argc, char *argv[]) {
void Platform::SetProcessTitle(char *title) {
+#ifdef PR_SET_NAME
if (process_title) free(process_title);
process_title = strdup(title);
prctl(PR_SET_NAME, process_title);
+ Local<Value> ex = Exception::Error(
+ String::New("'process.title' is not writable on your system, sorry."));
+ ThrowException(ex); // Safe, this method is only called from the main thread.
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