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antirez committed Jul 1, 2010
1 parent fb829ec commit 24110a4d7daa2324e3c2cd165c5741897563ca19
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@@ -1,9 +1,176 @@
+2010-07-01 gitignore modified (antirez)
+2010-06-22 redis.c split into many different C files. (antirez)
+2010-06-16 more pub/sub tests (Pieter Noordhuis)
+2010-06-15 initial basic pub/sub tests (Pieter Noordhuis)
+2010-06-15 fix BLPOP/BRPOP to use the wrapped function for list length (Pieter Noordhuis)
+2010-06-15 tests for BLPOP/BRPOP via an option in the tcl client that defers reading the reply (Pieter Noordhuis)
+2010-06-14 TODO updated (antirez)
+2010-06-14 Merge branch 'ltrim-tests' of git:// (antirez)
+2010-06-14 rename "list" to "linkedlist" to be more verbose (Pieter Noordhuis)
+2010-06-14 allow running the test suite against an external Redis instance, without auto spawning (antirez)
+2010-06-14 change ltrim tests to cover all min/max cases and add stronger stresser (Pieter Noordhuis)
+2010-06-13 Fixed deps in makefile and script to really take advantage of the new trick to avoid recompilation of redis.c on git sha1 or dirty status change (antirez)
+2010-06-13 hopefully faster recompiling with a trick (antirez)
+2010-06-13 fixed a bug in rdbLoadObject abount specially encoded objects (antirez)
+2010-06-13 use raw strings when loading a hash from the rdb into a zipmap (Pieter Noordhuis)
+2010-06-12 Merge branch 'expire' of git:// (antirez)
+2010-06-11 Merge branch 'lists' of git:// (antirez)
+2010-06-11 LPUSHX, RPUSHX, LINSERT only work on non-empty lists, so there are no clients waiting for a push (Pieter Noordhuis)
+2010-06-11 make LINSERT return -1 when the value could not be inserted (Pieter Noordhuis)
+2010-06-11 check if the list encoding needs to be changed on LPUSHX, RPUSHX, LINSERT (Pieter Noordhuis)
+2010-06-11 make sure the value to insert is string encoded (Pieter Noordhuis)
+2010-06-11 rename vars, move arguments, add comments (Pieter Noordhuis)
+2010-06-11 always iterate from head to tail on LINSERT (Pieter Noordhuis)
+2010-06-11 use REDIS_TAIL to insert AFTER an entry and REDIS_HEAD to insert BEFORE an entry (Pieter Noordhuis)
+2010-06-11 move listTypeInsert to be grouped with other wrapper functions (Pieter Noordhuis)
+2010-06-11 squashed merge from robey/twitter3: LINSERT BEFORE|AFTER, LPUSHX, RPUSHX (Pieter Noordhuis)
+2010-06-09 remove pop function and the sds dependency; can be implemented using get+delete (Pieter Noordhuis)
+2010-06-07 compute swappability for ziplist encoded lists (Pieter Noordhuis)
+2010-06-07 reuse the sds from the main dictionary in the expiration dictionary (Pieter Noordhuis)
+2010-06-07 TODO updated (antirez)
+2010-06-07 encode integers while loading an hash (antirez)
+2010-06-05 Merge branch 'lists' of git:// (antirez)
+2010-06-05 fixed two leaks for the dual encoded lists (Pieter Noordhuis)
+2010-06-04 TODO updated (antirez)
+2010-06-04 DISCSARD now unwatches all keys, as it should (antirez)
+2010-06-04 generated tests for different encodings to avoid test code duplication (Pieter Noordhuis)
+2010-06-04 refactor list tests to test both encodings; implemented assert functions (Pieter Noordhuis)
+2010-06-04 renamed hash wrapper functions to match wrapper function naming convention: "<type>Type<func>" (Pieter Noordhuis)
+2010-06-04 Merge branch 'lists' of git:// (antirez)
+2010-06-04 Merge branch 'smallkeys' (antirez)
+2010-06-04 safety assert in listTypeNext (Pieter Noordhuis)
+2010-06-04 renamed list wrapper functions to be more verbose (Pieter Noordhuis)
+2010-06-04 add thresholds for converting a ziplist to a real list (Pieter Noordhuis)
+2010-06-04 merge antirez/smallkeys (Pieter Noordhuis)
+2010-06-03 test restored (antirez)
+2010-06-03 memory leak introduced in the latest big changes fixed (antirez)
+2010-06-03 Fixed VM bugs introduced with the top level keys as sds strings changes (antirez)
+2010-06-03 top level keys are no longer redis objects but sds strings. There are still a few bugs to fix when VM is enabled (antirez)
+2010-06-03 update Makefile to include ziplist.o (Pieter Noordhuis)
+2010-06-03 use ziplists in SORT STORE until the thresholds are determined (Pieter Noordhuis)
+2010-06-03 Merge branch 'testsuite' of git:// (antirez)
+2010-06-03 Merge branch 'testsuite' of git:// into smallkeys (antirez)
+2010-06-03 tag memory leak check on kill server as "leaks" (Pieter Noordhuis)
+2010-06-03 tag test with sleep() as slow (Pieter Noordhuis)
+2010-06-03 make sure the config it returned when called without code (Pieter Noordhuis)
+2010-06-03 tag more slow tests (Pieter Noordhuis)
+2010-06-03 change how arguments are passed from the AOF tests (Pieter Noordhuis)
+2010-06-03 scope res variable outside test (Pieter Noordhuis)
+2010-06-02 tags for existing tests (Pieter Noordhuis)
+2010-06-02 pass tags to filter and match via arguments (Pieter Noordhuis)
+2010-06-02 basic support to tag tests (Pieter Noordhuis)
+2010-06-02 changed how server.tcl accepts options to support more directives without requiring more arguments to the proc (Pieter Noordhuis)
+2010-06-02 removed obsolete code (Pieter Noordhuis)
+2010-06-02 catch exceptions in the server proc, to be able to kill the entire chain of running servers (Pieter Noordhuis)
+2010-06-02 Merge branch 'master' into smallkeys (antirez)
+2010-06-02 smarter swapout policy on AOF too (antirez)
+2010-06-02 better swapout policy while loading RDB file (antirez)
+2010-06-02 minor code comment change (antirez)
+2010-06-01 use integer types from stdint.h to be more verbose on the size in bytes of encoded elements. update list length to use 2 bytes instead of 1. (Pieter Noordhuis)
+2010-06-01 added stress test for heavy i/o in ziplists (Pieter Noordhuis)
+2010-06-01 fix signedness errors in ziplist testing code (Pieter Noordhuis)
+2010-06-01 minor code movements and free object pull restored to 1 million (antirez)
+2010-06-01 TODO updated with syslog plans for 2.2 (antirez)
+2010-06-01 Debug message was printing stuff that are sometimes not initialized/valid (antirez)
+2010-06-01 Merge branch 'smallkeys' of into smallkeys (antirez)
+2010-06-01 fixed a few comments (antirez)
+2010-06-01 fixed bugs introduced in the rewrite of the new VM engine (antirez)
+2010-05-31 support rewriting the AOF with dual list encoding (Pieter Noordhuis)
+2010-05-31 small refactor of fwrite* commands for AOF rewrite to allow writing a bulk long long (Pieter Noordhuis)
+2010-05-31 use list wrapper functions in computing the dataset digest (Pieter Noordhuis)
+2010-05-31 ziplistNext should work as expected when called with a pointer to ZIP_END (Pieter Noordhuis)
+2010-05-31 update SORT to work with the dual list encoding (Pieter Noordhuis)
+2010-05-31 function to create a new ziplist encoded list (Pieter Noordhuis)
+2010-05-31 fixed missing incrRefCount (antirez)
+2010-05-31 support rdb saving/loading with dual list encoding (Pieter Noordhuis)
+2010-05-31 fixed signedness and disambiguate variable names (Pieter Noordhuis)
+2010-05-31 added rdb save function to directly save long long values (Pieter Noordhuis)
+2010-05-31 update RPOPLPUSH to support dual encoding (Pieter Noordhuis)
+2010-05-31 update list iteration semantic to work as expected (i.e. "while(lNext(..))") (Pieter Noordhuis)
+2010-05-31 ziplistDelete no longer needs a direction now ziplistPrev is fixed (Pieter Noordhuis)
+2010-05-31 ziplistPrev should return the tail when the argument is ZIP_END (Pieter Noordhuis)
+2010-05-31 first step of VM rewrite. blocking VM tests passing, more work needed in the async side (antirez)
+2010-05-31 Merge branch 'no-appendfsync-on-rewrite' (antirez)
+2010-05-30 fix LREM to remove *all* occurances when a zero argument is given (Pieter Noordhuis)
+2010-05-30 fixed LINDEX to always return bulk response (Pieter Noordhuis)
+2010-05-30 the tail offset must be an integer pointer to hold a 32-bit offset (Pieter Noordhuis)
+2010-05-30 update LREM to support dual encoding via extra iteration primitives (Pieter Noordhuis)
+2010-05-30 support dual encoding in LTRIM (Pieter Noordhuis)
+2010-05-30 update LRANGE to use basic iteration code to support dual encoding (Pieter Noordhuis)
+2010-05-30 inline support for dual encoding in the LINDEX and LSET commands (Pieter Noordhuis)
+2010-05-30 generic pop and length function for ziplist encoding (Pieter Noordhuis)
+2010-05-30 generic push function that supports the dual encoding (Pieter Noordhuis)
+2010-05-30 change delete function to accept a direction argument, so "p" can be properly updated (Pieter Noordhuis)
+2010-05-30 expose extra functionality from ziplist.c (Pieter Noordhuis)
+2010-05-30 code style consistency fixes (Pieter Noordhuis)
+2010-05-29 ziplistIndex now accepts negative indices (Pieter Noordhuis)
+2010-05-29 fix compile warnings (Pieter Noordhuis)
+2010-05-29 use simpler encoding for the length of the previous entry (Pieter Noordhuis)
+2010-05-29 replace functions to get pointers to head and tail by macros (Pieter Noordhuis)
+2010-05-29 function to insert an element at an arbitrary position in the list (Pieter Noordhuis)
+2010-05-29 extract a generic delete function that can be used in pop and delete(range) (Pieter Noordhuis)
+2010-05-29 use the entry struct in zipRawEntryLength (Pieter Noordhuis)
+2010-05-29 rename argument names to s* to disambiguate from e* (Pieter Noordhuis)
+2010-05-29 change ziplistRepr to use the entry struct (Pieter Noordhuis)
+2010-05-29 modify compare function to check if the encoding is equal before comparing (Pieter Noordhuis)
+2010-05-29 use a struct to retrieve all details for an entry (Pieter Noordhuis)
+2010-05-29 initial implementation for making the ziplist doubly linked (Pieter Noordhuis)
+2010-05-29 fix some warnings (Pieter Noordhuis)
+2010-05-29 add function to retrieve ziplist size in bytes (Pieter Noordhuis)
+2010-05-22 fix compare function of ziplist to only load integer from ziplist when it is encoded as integer (Pieter Noordhuis)
+2010-05-22 add function to retrieve length of ziplist (Pieter Noordhuis)
+2010-05-22 re-introduce ZIP_BIGLEN for clarity (Pieter Noordhuis)
+2010-05-22 added header ziplist.h (Pieter Noordhuis)
+2010-05-22 code to compare strings with entries in ziplist, regardless of their encoding (Pieter Noordhuis)
+2010-05-22 updated iteration code to work well with different encodings (Pieter Noordhuis)
+2010-05-22 move code from zip.c to ziplist.c (Pieter Noordhuis)
+2010-05-22 partial revert of c80df5 because ziplist functions are starting to divert too much from zipmap functions (Pieter Noordhuis)
+2010-05-22 initial work for integer encoding in ziplists (Pieter Noordhuis)
+2010-05-22 move length housekeeping to a macro (Pieter Noordhuis)
+2010-05-21 allow entries to be deleted in place when iterating over a ziplist (Pieter Noordhuis)
+2010-05-21 allow pointer to be stored to current element when iterating over ziplist (Pieter Noordhuis)
+2010-05-21 rename ziplistDelete to ziplistDeleteRange (Pieter Noordhuis)
+2010-05-21 code to delete an inner range from the ziplist (Pieter Noordhuis)
+2010-05-21 check if *value is non-NULL before setting it (Pieter Noordhuis)
+2010-05-21 change iteration code to avoid allocating a new sds for each traversed entry (Pieter Noordhuis)
+2010-05-21 code to iterate over a ziplist (Pieter Noordhuis)
+2010-05-21 implementation for a ziplist with push and pop support (Pieter Noordhuis)
+2010-05-21 extracted general methods to zip.c for reuse in other zip* structures (Pieter Noordhuis)
+2010-05-28 command table size calculated with sizeof (antirez)
+2010-05-28 use qsort and bsearch to lookup commands in O(log(N)) instead of O(N) (Pieter Noordhuis)
+2010-05-28 Merge branch 'cli-stdin' of git:// (antirez)
+2010-05-28 Fixed ZINCR Nan bugs leading to server crash and added tests (antirez)
+2010-05-28 redis.conf new features the new option, a minor typo preventing the compilation fixed (antirez)
+2010-05-28 don't fsync after a rewrite if appendfsync is set to no. use aof_fsycn instead of fsync where appropriate (antirez)
+2010-05-28 added new option no-appendfsync-on-rewrite to avoid blocking on fsync() in the main thread while a background process is doing big I/O (antirez)
+2010-05-28 Added Git sha1 and dirty status in redis-server -v output (antirez)
+2010-05-28 changed the message in the Makefile with the new command like to run the test suite (antirez)
+2010-05-27 Fixed typo. (Vincent Palmer)
+2010-05-27 new multi/exec tests (antirez)
+2010-05-26 build command outside while loop (Pieter Noordhuis)
+2010-05-26 require the flag "-c" to be used for redis-cli to read the last argument from stdin (Pieter Noordhuis)
+2010-05-26 Merge branch 'master' into nested-multi (antirez)
+2010-05-26 Fix EXEC bug that was leaving the client in dirty status when used with WATCH (antirez)
+2010-05-26 raise error on nested MULTI and WATCH inside multi (antirez)
+2010-05-25 allow regular sets to be passed to zunionstore/zinterstore (Pieter Noordhuis)
+2010-05-25 Version is now 2.1.1 (antirez)
+2010-05-25 RENAME is now WATCH-aware (antirez)
+2010-05-25 TODO updated (antirez)
+2010-05-25 WATCH is now able to detect keys removed by FLUSHALL and FLUSHDB (antirez)
+2010-05-25 WATCH tests (antirez)
+2010-05-25 minor bug fixed in WATCH (antirez)
+2010-05-25 WATCH for MULTI/EXEC (CAS alike concurrency) (antirez)
+2010-05-25 gitignore updated (antirez)
+2010-05-21 Master is now already unfreezed, unstable, and ready to hacking sessions! (antirez)
+2010-05-21 Merge branch 'solaris' of git:// (antirez)
+2010-05-21 Changelog updated (antirez)
2010-05-21 redis version is now 1.3.14 (aka 2.0.0 RC1) (antirez)
2010-05-21 html doc updated (antirez)
2010-05-21 by default test with valgrind does not show full leak info (antirez)
2010-05-21 minor fix for the skiplist code, resulting in a false positive with valgrind, and in general into a useless small allocation (antirez)
2010-05-21 Merge branch 'master' of (antirez)
2010-05-21 tests suite initial support for valgrind, fixed the old test suite until the new one is able to target a specific host/port (antirez)
+2010-05-21 include solaris fixes in sha1.c (Pieter Noordhuis)
2010-05-20 Don't exit with error in tests temp file cleanup if there are no files to clean (antirez)
2010-05-20 fix memory leak on 32-bit builds (Pieter Noordhuis)
2010-05-20 Merge branch 'master' of (antirez)
@@ -90,7 +90,7 @@ bench:
- git log '--pretty=format:%ad %s (%cn)' --date=short > Changelog
+ git log '--pretty=format:%ad %s (%cn)' --date=short > ../Changelog
@echo ""

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