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Having Persistent Application State

NMCLient provides faculties for storing persistent application state into the NSUserDefaults without the any hassle with sync inline
Use currentUser as a key-value store in your app

Set an arbitrary string

NSString *_key = @"the-key-for-this";
[[NMUtil currentUser] setString:@"some value that should persist" forKey:_key];
Get it back later
NSString *importantValue = [[NMUtil currentUser] getStringForKey:_key];
Store the date of the last update of some item to NOW
NSString *dateKey = @"some-date-key-name";
[[NMUtil currentUser] setDate:[NSDate date] forKey:dateKey];
Get that date back later.
NSDate *last_update = [[NMUtil currentUser] getDateForKey:dateKey];
Store boolean values and test for certain states at app launch
NSString *yesKey = @"yes";
[[NMUtil currentUser] setBoolean:YES forKey:yesKey];
BOOL yesOrNo = [[NMUtil currentUser] getBooleanForKey:yesKey];
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