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Contextualised Embeddings and Language Modelling using BERT and Friends using R
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golgotha - Contextualised Embeddings and Language Modelling using BERT and Friends using R

  • This R package wraps the transformers module using reticulate
  • The objective of the package is to get easily sentence embeddings using a BERT-like model in R For using in downstream modelling (e.g. Support Vector Machines / Sentiment Labelling / Classification / Regression / POS tagging / Lemmatisation / Text Similarities)
  • Golgotha: Hope for lonely AI pelgrims on their way to losing CPU power:


  • For installing the development version of this package:
    • Execute in R: devtools::install_github("bnosac/golgotha", INSTALL_opts = "--no-multiarch")
    • Look to the documentation of the functions: help(package = "golgotha")


  • Download a model (e.g. bert multilingual lowercased)
  • Load the model and get the embedding of sentences / subword tokens or just tokenise
model <- BERT("bert-base-multilingual-uncased")
x <- data.frame(doc_id = c("doc_1", "doc_2"),
                text = c("give me back my money or i'll call the police.",
                         "talk to the hand because the face don't want to hear it any more."),
                stringsAsFactors = FALSE)
embedding <- predict(model, x, type = "embed-sentence")
embedding <- predict(model, x, type = "embed-token")
tokens    <- predict(model, x, type = "tokenise")
  • Same example but now on Dutch / French
text <- c("vlieg met me mee naar de horizon want ik hou alleen van jou",
          "l'amour n'est qu'un enfant de pute, il agite le bonheur mais il laisse le malheur",
text <- setNames(text, c("doc_nl", "doc_fr", "le petit boudin", "thebible"))
embedding <- predict(model, text, type = "embed-sentence")
embedding <- predict(model, text, type = "embed-token")
tokens    <- predict(model, text, type = "tokenise")
  • Some other models
model <- BERT("bert-base-multilingual-uncased")
model <- BERT("bert-base-multilingual-cased")
model <- BERT("bert-base-dutch-cased")
model <- BERT("bert-base-uncased")
model <- BERT("bert-base-cased")
model <- BERT("bert-base-chinese")
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