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Chiri's DX11 wrapper to enable fixing broken stereoscopic effects.
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DarkStarSword Merge commit 'Fix various issues in the crash handler'
Looks like the wrong commit for the crash handler was merged into
master that lacked all the improvements that had gone into it. Fetched
this commit one out of my reflog and remerging.
Latest commit 745231b Mar 28, 2019
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7zip NVAPI: Wrap NVAPI_D3D11_SetDepthBoundsTest() Mar 25, 2019
D3DCompiler_39 Create a full Zip Release to publish final builds. Feb 3, 2015
D3D_Shaders Divide constant buffer offsets by 16 Mar 25, 2019
DirectX10 Work around vs2013 compiler bug causing crash at exit Feb 24, 2019
DirectX11 Merge commit 'Fix various issues in the crash handler' Mar 28, 2019
DirectXGI Add Win7 fallback for CreateDXGIFactory2. Mar 23, 2018
DirectXTK Remove _WIN7_PLATFORM_UPDATE define in DirectXTK project. Feb 2, 2018
HLSLDecompiler Decompiler: Refactor parameter parsing Mar 25, 2019
Nektra Call Hooked_CreateDXGIFactory during InitD311 to set hooks. Feb 17, 2018
TestShaders TestShaders: Add example shader with undecipherable custom data Mar 20, 2019
pcre2 Include static pcre2 libraries Sep 20, 2017
.gitignore Update .gitignore for .vsps files. Aug 17, 2015
AUTHORS.txt Update AUTHORS.txt Aug 2, 2017
COPYING.txt Clarify project licensing due to inclusion of GPLv3 Deviare library Feb 15, 2015
CopyToGames.bat Add HackerCreateSwapChain to avoid other hooks. Feb 16, 2018
LICENSE.GPL.txt Clarify project licensing due to inclusion of GPLv3 Deviare library Feb 15, 2015
LICENSE.MIT.txt Clarify project licensing due to inclusion of GPLv3 Deviare library Feb 15, 2015
PointerSet.h Master source from Chiri. Feb 1, 2014
Publish.bat Injector: Include loader in Zip Release Mar 5, 2019
arial.spritefont Overlay notifications: Switch to using Arial Feb 6, 2018
courierbold.spritefont Move the courierbold.spritefont to project root. Jul 3, 2015
couriersmall.spritefont Command List Profiling: Display top command lists on overlay Apr 18, 2018
ini_parser_lite.cpp Lite ini parser: Support ini files with CRLF line endings Mar 5, 2019
log.h Overlay: Add notification infrastructure Jan 31, 2018
shader.h Add new shader hash types: Embedded and bytecode Apr 25, 2016
util.cpp Fix various issues in the crash handler Mar 26, 2019
version.h Incremental Publish build: 1.3.16 Mar 27, 2019


####Chiri's wrapper to enable fixing broken stereoscopic effects in DX11 games.

This includes the entire code base, and it will compile, link, and run in it's current state.

This is not the end-user version of the tool, this is for people developing the code by fixing bugs, adding new features, or documenting how to use it.

The current project is set up using Visual Studio 2013 Express, so anyone can do development for free.

To get started do:

  1. Install IE 10 or 11. VS2013 apparently requires this, but might have been fixed recently.
  2. Download the Windows 8 SDK. VS2013 only includes the 8.1 SDK and we need 8.0. These are only header files and libraries, no toolsets are included.*
  3. Download VS2013 Express for Windows Desktop.
  4. Run VS2013 and it should automatically find Update 1 to install.
  5. TEAM menu, Connect. Opens the Connect page for cloning.
  6. Use Clone menu, and enter the repository:
  7. Change the source-code destination to where you prefer, and then click Clone.
  8. Double click your new local repository to set it active (if you have others.)
  9. At the home menu in Team Explorer, double click StereovisionHacks.sln to open the solution.
  10. Switch to Solution Explorer, and wait for it to parse all the files.
  11. Hit F7 to build the full solution.
  12. Output files are in .\x64\Debug (3 dll and 1 .ini)

*After some research, it's clear that using the 8.1 SDK (or greater) will not work, because the Decompiler is heavily tied to the format of the assembler output from the 8.0 SDK. VS2015 has been tested and works, but still requires 8.0 SDK.

#####If you have any questions or problems don't hesitate to contact me.

Big, big, impossibly big thanks to Chiri for open-sourcing 3Dmigoto.

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