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Recommended Setup

Recommended Setup

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Summary recommends the following software for production servers:

Web Server:

Webpy has an internal web server, but it should be used for development only. For deployment, a more robust server should be used, such as one of these:


Webpy does not require a database to run. It does, however, support using the following databases:

Connection Pooling:

For high traffic sites, connection pooling allows Webpy to keep multiple database connections open, typically allowing faster access from the database. This is optional, but available as a scaling tactic.


Webpy has its own template system which allows users to let untrusted users write templates using this, and use python-like syntax within templates.

  • [built-in] (doc)

User Input:

Markdown allows Webpy users to write text which gets converted to HTML on page display. It isn't necessary, but is the recommended way to generate formatted HTML from user input.

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