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This page contains ideas for features I want to implement in the extension

Quick Edit for [Documentation]: opens up a plain text editor window; when you click save it auto-formats the text into robot syntax, wrapping at 80 characters per line and inserting appropriate continuation markup

linting: some sort of javascript-based linting would be nice. Or, write a lint tool and exec it. The lint tool would need to be able to get line number information, which means we can't use existing tools that use the built-in robot parser

Use different colors for local variables and keywords, than from variables and keywords in resource files

Go to definition: if cursor is in a cell that contains a keyword, to be able to open up the file that it is implemented in.

Functions to expand or shrink the cells in rows - highlight several rows and click the function, and you get uniform column widths. A similar tool would shrink each column in each row to its smallest size

re-wrap a line: Automatically (and intelligently) add continuation lines