Running tests

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Starting with version 0.9.8 of the extension, it is possible to run your robot tests directly from within the brackets editor. There are two menu commands associated with this feature:

  • Show runner window - shows or hides the window test runner panel in the bottom portion of the screen
  • Run test suite - opens the test runner window and automatically runs the command defined in the command input field of the window.

Specifying the command to run

You can specify the command to run by typing it in the entry field in the test runner panel.

If you add %Suite on the command line, it will be substituted with the name of the current suite being edited. For example, if you are editing a file named "smokeTest.robot", %Suite will be replaced with smokeTest.

The command is parsed like a shell command, so you can use single and double quotes as part of the command. It is recommended that you put most arguments to pybot or jybot in an argument file to keep the command short.

For example, we recommend you create a conf folder, and put argument files in there. For example, you might have a file named default.args with the following:

# conf/default.args
--exclude in-progress
--exclude known-defect
--outputdir results

If your tests are in a folder named tests in the root of the project, the command you type into the command prompt might be something like this:

pybot -A conf/default.args tests

Working directory

The command will run with the current working directory set to the project root (ie: the folder opened in brackets with the Open Folder command).