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The Robot Framework Hub is a lightweight, zero-configuration web server that provides access to the robot framework test assets on your workstation. Over time, the hub will be expanded to provide services such as a web-based test runner, reporting tools, and tools to aid in the creation of test cases and keywords.

It's crazy easy to get started

$ pip install robotframework-hub
$ python -m rfhub /path/to/my/test/suite

For more information see Installation

It has a simple streamlined interface

It integrates with the amazing brackets editor

Install the robot framework extension for the open source brackets editor, and it will use the hub to get code completion information as well as keyword documentation. For more information see Integration With brackets

This is only the beginning...

Features planned for later releases include:

  • Web-based front-end to the robot test runner (pybot)
  • Web-based dashboard for coordinating testing efforts
  • Website for browsing test cases
  • Website for browsing test results
  • Services to validate the quality of resource and test case files
  • RESTful API for all of the above

More information

Want to look at the source? Check it out here:

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