A project to demonstrate how to use google-api-php-client and google-cloud-php libraries for prediction.
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Demonstrate how to use Google Machine Learning Engine with php library.

In this work I will be illustrating Predicting Income with the Census Income Dataset from google ml-engine docs with Google PHP apis. We will be using it code from Google Cloud's Github repository.

Following are the steps in using machine learning engine for prediction.

  1. Create a service account and download the credential json file.
  2. Package and upload the code to Google cloud.
  3. Composer install libraries.
  4. Upload training and testing data to Google Cloud Storage using storage.php
  5. Train the model using jobs/create.php. This will set a job to train the model. We can use jobs/list.php to list all the jobs in our project and jobs/get.php to get a job details by name.
  6. Deploy the model using deploy.php
  7. Predict using predict.php