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Twitter plugin for supybot
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SupyBot Twitter Plugin

This is a twitter plugin for supybot. It can post to twitter, and show your
friend list. It will add (ircnick) after tweets. We use it to post to an
organizational twitter account from our channel.

The current version is always available from

This code is forked from which
has not been updated in a long time. This version has been updated to
post using the new twitter API (and so, works, again).

You'll have to create a Twitter API key. See Steps are:
1. Create a new twitter account (if you plan to use a dedicated one)
2. Go to and log in. 
3. Click create an application
4. put in info (yoru bots name and irc network for project name and descr)
5. when app is created, go to settings (on and change it to
6. on the main app page, (toward the bottom) click regenerate button
   (otherwise your account will still only be authed for read-only access)
7. Your 4 magic strings (2 tokens and 2 secrets) are shown.

This plugin uses the Twitter API from
so it must be installed and available for use. It can be installed via
pip like so:

    pip install python-twitter

To Setup:
  Login to bot

  Set private keys from step 7 above:
      /msg bot config plugins.twitter.consumer_key xxxxx
      /msg bot config plugins.twitter.consumer_secret xxxxx
      /msg bot config plugins.twitter.access_key xxxxx
      /msg bot config plugins.twitter.access_secret xxxxx
  Enable the plugin in the channel you want:
      !config channel plugins.twitter.enabled True
  If you want replies (mentions):
      !config plugins.twitter.displayReplies True
  If you want your own tweets and retweets:
      !config plugins.twitter.displayTweets True
  If you want topic snarfing:
      !config channel plugins.twitter.tweettopicsnarf True
  What channels to use for displaying messages
      !config plugins.twitter.channelList #yourchannel
  Set the Post format:
      !config plugins.twitter.postTemplate %(message)s (%(nick)s)

To use:
  post <msg>
    Sends <msg> to the twitter network.
    If <msg> is one of the twitter commands, it is sent raw, via the
        associated twitter user.
    If not, the IRC user's name is appended to <msg> and is then sent.

    The value of postConfirmation will be used as the confirmation
    for a successful post.

  mentions <number>
    Display latest <number> mentions.

    List followers.

    Display latest page of tweets.

    Display own timeline with retweets.

Automatic actions:
    The bot will automatically post mentions the channels in
    channelList. To disable this behaviour, set displayReplies to

    The bot will automatically post tweets the channels in
    channelList. To disable this behaviour, set displayTweets to

    Topic Snarfing
    If tweetTopicSnarf is enabled, newly seen segments of the topic will be

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