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Adds a portal with several blocks, which can be switched on and off via the ACP, to the front page of your phpBB 3 forums.
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Latest commit a152da8 @marc1706 marc1706 Merge pull request #655 from Galixte/patch-1
Minor update of FRENCH language for Board3 Portal extension
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acp [ticket/577] Use phpBB's extension version check instead of B3P version
adm Merge pull request #580 from marc1706/ticket/577
config [ticket/577] Use phpBB's extension version check instead of B3P version
controller [ticket/624] Display modules on all pages if column disabled in portal
event [ticket/649] Use correct event name and make method public
git-tools/hooks [ticket/265] Remove execute flag from files that don't need it
includes [ticket/634] Remove unused sql_table_exists() function
language Minor update of FRENCH language for Board3 Portal extension
migrations [ticket/550] Update module_auth upon update to 2.1.0
modules [ticket/649] Use phpbb_get_user_rank() instead of deprecated function
portal [ticket/644] Reduce caching time on portal page
styles [ticket/648] Add missing brackets to donations HTML files
tests [ticket/649] Include correct language file for acp tests
travis [ticket/431] Rename scripts for coverage and remove .coveralls.yml
.gitattributes [ticket/513] Add build script
.gitignore [ticket/513] Add build script
.travis.yml [ticket/532] Update build excludes in travis.yml [ticket/585] Use up-to-date images in
build.xml [ticket/628] Properly parse build number
composer.json [ticket/644] Update release date in composer.json
composer.lock [ticket/616] Update composer.json and composer.lock
composer.phar [ticket/597] Update composer.lock and composer.phar
license.txt Added install instructions, license and modx-file;
phpunit.xml.dist [ticket/584] Properly set up whitelist filtering in phunit.xml.dist

Board3 Portal 2.1.x

Board Portal 2.1.x is a second generation portal for phpBB 3.1.x. It adds a portal with several blocks to your forum. You can change the settings, move the blocks, add new blocks and more in the ACP.

How to use

You can download the current development version of Board3 Portal 2.1.x here or download the current release at
Board3 Portal 2.1.x can be installed via the phpBB 3.1 ACP.


Support for Board3 Portal can be found at or on The extension is currently under heavy development and not supported until further notice.


We are starting to have unit and functional tests in order to prevent regressions. You can check our travis build below. 2.1.x - Build Status Scrutinizer Code Quality Code Coverage

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