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The project is in maintenance mode and not being actively developed. If you'd like to become a maintainer and take over development, please file an issue and discuss your plans. Your time and contributions are most welcome.

npm version Build Status Coverage Status Gitter

Read the Documentation is an engine for creating turn-based games using JavaScript.

Write simple functions that describe how the game state changes when a particular move is made. This is automatically converted into a playable game complete with online multiplayer features, all without requiring you to write a single line of networking or storage code.


  • State Management: Game state is managed seamlessly across clients, server and storage automatically.
  • Multiplayer: Game state is kept in sync in realtime and across platforms.
  • AI: Automatically generated bots that can play your game.
  • Game Phases: with different game rules and turn orders per phase.
  • Lobby: Player matchmaking and game creation.
  • Prototyping: Interface to simulate moves even before you render the game.
  • Extendable: Plugin system that allows creating new abstractions.
  • View-layer Agnostic: Use the vanilla JS client or the bindings for React / React Native.
  • Logs: Game logs with the ability to time travel (viewing the board at an earlier state).



npm install


Read our Full Documentation to learn how to use, and join the community on gitter to ask your questions!

Running examples in this repository

npm install
npm start

The examples can be found in the examples folder.

Using VS Code?

This repository is ready to run in a dev container in VS Code. See the contributing guidelines for details.


See changelog.

Get involved

We welcome contributions of all kinds! Please take a moment to review our Code of Conduct.

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Let us know by creating an issue.

Have a question?
Our Gitter channel and GitHub Discussions are good places to start.

⚙️ Interested in fixing a bug or adding a feature?
Check out the contributing guidelines and the project roadmap.

📖 Can we improve our documentation?
Pull requests even for small changes can be helpful. Each page in the docs can be edited by clicking the “Edit on GitHub” link at the top right.

💸 Want to support the project financially?
We accept donations via GitHub Sponsors and on Open Collective.