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(ns lxc-crate.lxc
"Crate with functions for setting up and configuring LXC servers and containers"
(:require clojure.string
[pallet.actions :as actions]
[pallet.utils :as utils]
[pallet.crate :as crate]
[pallet.environment :as env]
[pallet.crate.ssh-key :as ssh-key]
[pallet.crate :refer [defplan]]))
(defplan install-packages
"Install all needed packages for LXC."
(actions/package "lxc"))
(defplan install-lxc-defaults
"Install our lxc defaults, don't want default lxcbr0 bridge."
(actions/remote-file "/etc/default/lxc"
:local-file (utils/resource-path "lxc/lxc-defaults")
:literal true)
"Restart LXC net"
("service lxc-net restart")))
(defplan remove-dnsmasq-file
"Remove default dnsmasq file for lxc"
"Delete dnsmasq file for lxc"
("rm -f /etc/dnsmasq.d/lxc")))
(defplan relink-var-lib-lxc-to-home
"We prefer to put the containers on /home for space issues, use symlink."
"Link lxc container location to /home/lxc"
("rm -rf /var/lib/lxc")
("mkdir -p /home/lxc")
("chmod 755 /home/lxc")
("ln -s /home/lxc /var/lib/lxc")))
(defplan install-ovs-scripts
"Install helper scripts we need to connect containers to OVS."
(let [node-hostname (crate/target-name)
bridge (env/get-environment [:host-config node-hostname :ovs :bridge])]
(actions/remote-file "/etc/lxc/ovsup"
:mode "0755"
:literal true
:template "lxc/ovsup"
:values {:bridge bridge})
(actions/remote-file "/etc/lxc/ovsdown"
:mode "0755"
:literal true
:template "lxc/ovdown"
:values {:bridge bridge})))
(defplan setup-lxc
"Perform all setup needed to make a host an LXC container server."
(defplan create-lxc-container
"Create a new LXC container"
(defplan setup-image-server
"Perform all setup needed to make a host an LXC image server."
(let [node-hostname (crate/target-name)
mac (env/get-environment [:host-config node-hostname :image-server :tmp-mac])]
(actions/package "rdiff-backup")
"Make sure we have directories needed for image server"
("mkdir -p /home/image-server/images")
("mkdir -p /home/image-server/ssh-keys")
("mkdir -p /home/image-server/etc"))
;; TODO: install known config file into etc used to spin up temp containers
(actions/remote-file "/etc/lxc/lxc-tmp.conf"
:mode "0644"
:literal true
:template "lxc/lxc-tmp.conf"
:values {:mac mac})))
(defplan create-base-container
"Create a base container, just the lxc-create step."
[name conf-file template release auth-key-path]
"Create a base container via lxc-create"
("lxc-create -n" ~name "-f" ~conf-file "-t" ~template "-- --release" ~release "--auth-key" ~auth-key-path)))
(defplan boot-up-container
"Boot a given container"
"Start lxc container"
("lxc-start -d -n" ~name)))
(defplan halt-container
"Halt a given container"
"Start lxc container"
(if-not (= @(pipe ("lxc-info -n" ~name)
("grep RUNNING")) "")
("lxc-halt -n" ~name))))
(defplan take-image-snapshot
"Take a snapshot of the image of a given container."
[hostname spec-name]
(let [image-dir (format "/var/lib/lxc/%s" hostname)
backup-dir (format "/home/image-server/images/%s" spec-name)]
"Take a snapshot of a given image"
("rdiff-backup" ~image-dir ~backup-dir))))
(defplan destroy-container
"Destroy a given container"
"Start lxc container"
("lxc-destroy -n" ~name "-f")))
(defplan boot-up-fresh-tmp-container
(let [server (crate/target-name)
tmp-hostname (env/get-environment [:host-config server :image-server :tmp-hostname])
ssh-public-key (env/get-environment [:host-config tmp-hostname :admin-user :ssh-public-key-path])
image-spec (env/get-environment [:image-spec])
remote-ssh-key-path (format "/home/image-server/ssh-keys/" tmp-hostname)
remote-image-dir (format "/var/lib/lxc/%s" tmp-hostname)]
(actions/remote-file remote-ssh-key-path
:mode "0644"
:literal true
:local-file ssh-public-key)
"Ensure old container not in the way"
("lxc-stop -n" ~tmp-hostname)
("sleep 5")
("rm -rf" ~remote-image-dir))
(create-base-container tmp-hostname
(get-in image-spec [:lxc-create :template])
(get-in image-spec [:lxc-create :template-args :release])
(boot-up-container tmp-hostname)))
(defplan run-setup-fn-in-tmp-container
(let [tmp-hostname (crate/target-name)
image-spec (env/get-environment [:image-spec])
root-auth-key-path (env/get-environment [:image-spec :root-auth-key])]
(when (:setup-fn image-spec)
((:setup-fn image-spec)))
;; then install the right root ssh key
;; (actions/exec-checked-script
;; "Remove tmp ssh key"
;; ("rm -f /root/.ssh/authorized_keys"))
;; (ssh-key/authorize-key "root" (slurp root-auth-key-path))
(defplan halt-tmp-container
"Halt tmp container."
"Halt tmp instance."
("apt-get install at")
(pipe ("echo halt")
("at -M now + 1 minute"))))
(defplan snapshot-tmp-container
(let [server (crate/target-name)
tmp-hostname (env/get-environment [:host-config server :image-server :tmp-hostname])
spec-name (env/get-environment [:image-spec-name])]
(println "Taking snapshot of image..")
(take-image-snapshot tmp-hostname spec-name)))
(defplan destroy-tmp-container
(let [server (crate/target-name)
tmp-hostname (env/get-environment [:host-config server :image-server :tmp-hostname])]
(println "Destroying tmp container..")
(destroy-container tmp-hostname)))
(defplan create-lxc-container
"Create a given lxc-container"
[ & {:keys [overwrite?]}]
(let [server (crate/target-name)
image-specs (env/get-environment [:image-specs])
container-hostname (env/get-environment [:container-for])
container-config (env/get-environment [:host-config container-hostname])
spec (get image-specs (:base-image container-config))
ssh-public-key (env/get-environment [:host-config container-hostname :admin-user :ssh-public-key-path])
remote-ssh-key-path (format "/tmp/" container-hostname)
image-dir (format "/var/lib/lxc/%s" container-hostname)
remote-config-file (format "/etc/lxc/lxc-%s.conf" container-hostname)
config-local-path (get-in spec [:lxc-create :f])
local-template-file (get-in spec [:lxc-create :template-script])]
(prn container-config)
(actions/remote-file remote-ssh-key-path
:mode "0644"
:literal true
:local-file ssh-public-key)
(actions/remote-file remote-config-file
:mode "0644"
:literal true
:template config-local-path
:values {:mac (:mac container-config)})
(when local-template-file
(actions/remote-file (format "/usr/share/lxc/templates/lxc-%s"
(get-in spec [:lxc-create :template]))
:mode "0755"
:literal true
:local-file local-template-file))
(when overwrite?
"Ensure old container not in the way"
("lxc-stop -n" ~container-hostname)
("sleep 5")
("rm -rf" ~image-dir)))
;; TODO: refactor to generate a string of args here and pass the args
;; more generic
(create-base-container container-hostname
(get-in spec [:lxc-create :t])
(get-in spec [:lxc-create :template-args :release])
(when-let [image-url (:image-url spec)]
(let [config-remote-path (format "%s/config" image-dir)
backup-config (format "/tmp/%s-lxc-config" container-hostname)]
"Backup config file"
("cp" ~config-remote-path ~backup-config)
("rm -rf" ~image-dir)
("mkdir -p" ~image-dir)
("rdiff-backup --restore-as-of now" ~image-url ~image-dir)
("cp" ~backup-config ~config-remote-path))))
;; spin up container
(boot-up-container container-hostname)))
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