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oops, still 1 more on image-spec refactor.

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1 parent b1f2f6c commit fad6ead4966530cbce8fdcc80fbaf787f3423880 @sundbp sundbp committed Mar 26, 2013
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  1. +3 −4 src/lxc_crate/api.clj
@@ -68,18 +68,17 @@
(defn snapshot-image-of-tmp-container
"Take a snapshot of the tmp container."
- [image-server spec-kw spec]
+ [image-server]
(when-not (host-is-lxc-image-server? image-server)
(throw (IllegalArgumentException. (format "%s is not an image server!" image-server))))
(let [image-server-conf (get-in helpers/*nodelist-hosts-config* [image-server :image-server])
tmp-hostname (:tmp-hostname image-server-conf)]
(println "Snapshot tmp container..")
- (let [result (helpers/run-one-plan-fn image-server lxc/snapshot-tmp-container {:image-spec spec
- :image-spec-name (name spec-kw)})]
+ (let [result (helpers/run-one-plan-fn image-server lxc/snapshot-tmp-container)]
(when (fsmop/failed? result)
(throw (IllegalStateException. "Failed to snapshot tmp container!")))
- (println "tmp container snapshot for spec" spec-kw))))
+ (println "tmp container snapshot for " tmp-hostname))))
(defn destroy-tmp-container
"Destroy the tmp container."

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