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(ns ovs-crate.ovs
"Crate with functions for setting up and configuring servers using OVS"
(:require [pallet.actions :as actions]
[pallet.crate :as crate]
[pallet.environment :as env]
[pallet.utils :as utils]
[pallet.crate :refer [defplan]]))
(defplan install-dpkg-settings
"We don't want questions asked during package install.
LXC conf file we transfer ends up arriving before the package is installed,
hence we need this."
(actions/remote-file "/etc/apt/apt.conf.d/local"
:local-file (utils/resource-path "ovs/dpkg-options")
:literal true
:no-versioning true))
(defplan install-packages
"Install all OVS packages."
(actions/packages :aptitude ["openvswitch-brcompat" "openvswitch-common"
"openvswitch-controller" "openvswitch-datapath-dkms"
"openvswitch-ipsec" "openvswitch-pki"
"openvswitch-switch" "openvswitch-test"]))
(defplan install-failsafe-conf
"Install custom /etc/init/failsafe.conf to shorted boot time."
;; shorten timeouts in /etc/init/failsafe.conf for quick reboot
(actions/remote-file "/etc/init/failsafe.conf"
:local-file (utils/resource-path "ovs/failsafe.conf")
:literal true))
(defplan remove-ebtables
"Remove ebtables, not needed."
"Remove ebtables package, not needed"
("aptitude --assume-yes purge ebtables")))
(defplan install-etc-network-interfaces
"Install our custom /etc/network/interfaces."
(let [node-hostname (crate/target-name)
interfaces-file (env/get-environment [:host-config node-hostname :ovs-config :interfaces-file])]
(actions/remote-file "/etc/network/interfaces"
:local-file interfaces-file
:literal true)
"Restart networking"
("service networking restart"))))
(defplan create-bridge
"Create a single OVS bridge"
(let [bridge-name (:name bridge-config)]
"Delete and recreate bridge"
("ovs-vsctl -- --may-exist add-br" ~bridge-name))))
(defplan connect-host-interfaces
"Connect host interfaces to OVS bridge"
(let [bridge-name (:name bridge-config)
interfaces (:host-interfaces-to-connect bridge-config)]
(doseq [iface interfaces]
"Attch host interface to bridge"
("ovs-vsctl -- --may-exist add-port" ~bridge-name ~iface "-- set interface" ~iface "type=internal")))))
(defplan add-gre-port
"Add a GRE port for a given bridge to a given remote ip."
[bridge-name [gre-number gre-config]]
(let [remote-ip (:remote-ip gre-config)
psk (:psk gre-config)
port-name (format "gre%d" gre-number)
options (format "options:remote_ip=%s options:psk=\"%s\"" remote-ip psk)]
"Add GRE port"
("ovs-vsctl -- --if-exists del-port" ~bridge-name ~port-name)
("ovs-vsctl add-port" ~bridge-name ~port-name
"-- set interface" ~port-name "type=ipsec_gre" ~options))))
(defplan create-gre-connections
"Create all GRE connections for a given bridge"
(let [bridge-name (:name bridge-config)
gre-connections (:gre-connections bridge-config)]
"Delete all GRE connections"
(doseq [port @("ovs-vsctl list-ports" ~bridge-name "| grep gre")]
("ovs-vsctl del-port" ~bridge-name @port)))
(doseq [gre-vec (map vector (iterate inc 0) gre-connections)]
(add-gre-port bridge-name gre-vec))))
(defplan ensure-forwarding-on
"Make sure host is setup to forward IP traffic."
"Ensure IP forwarding is on"
("echo 1 > /proc/sys/net/ipv4/ip_forward")
(if (= @("grep" "^net.ipv4.ip_forward=1" "/etc/sysctl.conf") "")
("echo" "\"net.ipv4.ip_forward=1\" >> /etc/sysctl.conf"))))
(defplan setup-forwarding
"Setup host to forward traffic from a given bridge and associated network."
(when (contains? bridge-config :act-as-forwarder)
(let [forward-config (:act-as-forwarder bridge-config)
{:keys [from via source]} forward-config]
"Add iptable rules for forwarding"
;; TODO: We need to check if rules already exist before adding them!
("iptables -t nat -A POSTROUTING -o" ~via "-j MASQUERADE")
("iptables -I INPUT 1 -i" ~from "-j ACCEPT")
("iptables -A FORWARD -i" ~from "-s" ~source "-j ACCEPT")))))
(defplan setup-bridge
"Perform all server side setup for a given OVS bridge."
(create-bridge bridge-config)
(connect-host-interfaces bridge-config)
(create-gre-connections bridge-config)
(setup-forwarding bridge-config))
(defplan create-bridges
"Setup all bridges cofigured for a given host."
(let [node-hostname (crate/target-name)
bridges (env/get-environment [:host-config node-hostname :ovs-config :bridges])]
(doseq [bridge-config bridges]
(setup-bridge bridge-config))))
(defplan setup-ovs
"Install packages for OVS and configure networking."
;; NOTE: only needed when forcefully rerunning install and not necessarily a good default
(defplan reboot
"Reboot server - needed since can't work out how to get IPSec+GRE to work without reboot"
"Reboot via an at job"
(pipe ("echo reboot")
("at -M now + 1 minutes"))))
(defplan recreate-all-gre-connections
"Utility function to update all GRE connections on all bridges for a given host."
(let [node-hostname (crate/target-name)
bridges (env/get-environment [:host-config node-hostname :ovs-config :bridges])]
(doseq [bridge-config bridges]
(create-gre-connections bridge-config))))
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