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This library provides utility functions to more easily work with the nodelist compute service type in Pallet.

It does this by making it possible to specify all information about a host in a nodelist in one place, and by providing helper functions to pass this info around to plan functions.


The format of the hosts-config argument is very flexible and largely up to the users of pallet-nodelist-helpers to decide. The only standardized parts of the config is examplified below:

{"" {:group-spec a-group-spec-for-host
                      :os-family :ubuntu
                      :admin-user {:username "root"
                                   :ssh-public-key-path  (utils/resource-path "ssh-keys/")
                                   :ssh-private-key-path (utils/resource-path "ssh-keys/my-id_rsa")
                                   :passphrase "foobar"}}}

(The function utils/resource-path is from the namespace pallet.utils and is handy for referring to paths on the local machine)

One of the main functions provided is the ability to lift one node for one paritcular phase:

;; make sure we wrap the call in a with-nodelist-config
(with-nodelist-config [hosts-config {}]
 (lift-one-node-and-phase hostname :the-phase))

with-nodelist-config is a utility function to bind the dynamic vars used by the helpers.

Another useful function is ensure-nodelist-bindings to ensure we have a correct environment before proceeding if we assume we're withing a with-nodelist-config block. Example use case from kvm-crate:

(defn configure-kvm-server
  "Set up a machine to act as a KVM server"
  (println (format "Configuring KVM server for %s.." hostname))
  (when-not (host-is-kvm-server? hostname)
    (throw (IllegalArgumentException. (format "%s is not a kvm-server!" hostname))))
  (helpers/lift-one-node-and-phase hostname


Copyright © 2013 Board Intelligence

Distributed under the MIT License, see for details.