@boazsegev boazsegev released this May 11, 2018 · 324 commits to master since this release

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This is a bug squashing release.

Fix: (sock) fixed an issue where calls to sock_write could potentially add data to the outgoing queue even after sock_close in cases where the outgoing queue isn't empty.

Fix: (facil.io) fixed a race condition between pre-scheduled tasks (defer calls) and the worker process initialization. The race condition might have resulted in some pre-scheduled tasks not running on all the workers.

Fix: (http) fixed an issue with the HTTP request logging, where the peer address wasn't shown.

Fix: (websocket) made sure that on_ready is never called before on_open returns.

Fix: (fio_mem, facil, http) fixed compatibility issues with Alpine Linux distro and older OS X versions (< 10.12).

Fix: (http) fixed the http_date2rfc2109 method where a space wasn't written to the buffer after the month name (resulting in a junk byte).

Fix: (pubsub) made sure that newly registered engines get the full list of existing subscriptions (no need to call pubsub_engine_resubscribe).

Fix: (facil) possible fix for protocol attachment with NULL protocol.