Command Line helpers for playing Rail Baron
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Command line Rail Baron utilities

roll and payout

These are simple command line utilities written in perl to do payout lookups and roll destinations in a game of Rail Baron.

They are nice to play the game without using the awkward paper lookup tables.

payout needs the "Payout.csv" file that is here, as well as the Text::CSV perl module that if you don't have it you can install from CPAN.


Alice is playing and arrives in Tucumcari, having started in New York, and needs to get paid, so she runs "payout"

$ ./payout "New York" "Tucumcari"
Payout for New York to Tucumcari is 20.0

And Alice receives $20,000 for her trip.

Later needing to go to a new destination she runs "roll":

$ ./roll
Region: SouthWest City: Las Vegas

Since Alice is in the SouthWest region (In Tucumcari), she is now permitted to choose the region in which her destinaiton will be. Since her evil opponent Bob has bought up the NorthEast railroads, she chooses SouthEast:

$ ./roll SouthEast
Region: SouthEast City: Miami

Now Alice is going to Miami.