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Core Development Team
Edgar Simo-Serra "bobbens" <>
* Lead Developer
Nikola Whallon <>
* Bringer of Sound
* Misc. Development
Bas Fournier "BTAxis" <>
* Story Writer and Misc. Development
Major Contributors
Josiah Schwartfeger
* Graphic Designer and Modeller
* Mission Development
The first non-bobbens mission developer!
Ingo Ruhnke <>
* NPC Portrait Artist
* Ships for the Sirius, many other models and faction logos
Felix Schneider "Scaatis" <>
* Naev logo, Lua GUI development
M. R. Bokhari "Viruk" <>
* Ships for the Soromid and the Za'lek
* Composer of nearly an hour of Naev-exclusive music.
Vega Strike <>
* Ship Models
* Music
* Sounds
* Planet images
Wouldn't have been possible without the Vega Strike team, although they didn't actively participate, by allowing me to use their data they did me a great favour and let me concentrate on the coding.
Joel Hans <>
* Planet Graphics
* Render Script
Helped out when the project was starting. Great morale booster.
Amir Taaki <>
Rob Loach <>
* SDL_collide
Although we don't use the SDL_collide library itself, it was inspirational for Naev's own collision routines.
Pete Shinners <>
* SavePNG
Great function ripped straight out of pygame. Works marvelously!
Aurore D. "Rore" <>
* Planet gimp script
Saved a lot of trouble by allowing us to quickly create space planet graphics.
Andrew Mustun
* Sprite gimp script
Although not used directly, it helped create our own sprite script.
J.C. Wilk
* Turbulence noise
After the horrible failure of our own plasma fractal attempt, TCOD's turbulence noise seemed to do everything perfectly where we screwed up. With heavy optimization the code was introduced to Naev.
Jordi Pegueroles Queralt "pegue" <>
* Mace Rocket model
Brian J. Cameron
* Much artwork
Talented artist, one of the first in creating custom naev content.
Camilo Polymeris <>
* Art and code
Great to see someone else working on Naev code and Lua documentation.
Dimitry Marakasov
* FreeBSD port and CMake
Talented coder who did the first official port of Naev.
Alexandru Mosoi <>
* Coded cool features
First non-bobbens coder to make serious commits! Like the reason the maps are all over or the faction in the maps.
Peter Johnson <>
* Sped up nebula generation by a lot
Unavowed <>
* Ported Naev's build system to autotools.
Probably the cleanest autotools implementation I've ever seen.
Cypher3c <>
* Spiced up the boring generic cargo missios.
Nathan Loewen <>
* Missions
* Misc coding support
* Threading code to speed up nebula generation (and in the future who knows?)
* Hot dog mission
Ludovic Belliere "xrogaan"
* Python programmer extraordinaire
His utilities save gray hairs for everyone.
Josh Combs
* Artist of most of the nebulae.
* Modeller of the Shark and Rhino
Devin Khan
* Modeller of the Phalanx
* Junior assistant galaxy creator
Old Man <>
* Desura Maintainer
* Mission contributor
Sudarshan S
* Event contributor
* Mission contributor
* Misc fixes and typos
* Empire Shark Missions
John Schwartfeger
Leonardo Valeri Manera