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* See Licensing and Copyright notice in naev.h
#ifndef FACTION_H
# define FACTION_H
#include "opengl.h"
#include "colour.h"
#include "nlua.h"
#define FACTION_PLAYER 0 /**< Hardcoded player faction identifier. */
/* get stuff */
int faction_isFaction( int f );
int faction_get( const char* name );
int* faction_getAll( int *n );
int* faction_getKnown( int *n );
int faction_isKnown( int id );
char* faction_name( int f );
char* faction_shortname( int f );
char* faction_longname( int f );
lua_State *faction_getScheduler( int f );
lua_State *faction_getEquipper( int f );
glTexture* faction_logoSmall( int f );
glTexture* faction_logoTiny( int f );
const glColour* faction_colour( int f );
int* faction_getEnemies( int f, int *n );
int* faction_getAllies( int f, int *n );
int* faction_getGroup( int *n, int which );
/* set stuff */
int faction_setKnown( int id, int state );
/* player stuff */
void faction_modPlayer( int f, double mod, const char *source );
void faction_modPlayerSingle( int f, double mod, const char *source );
void faction_modPlayerRaw( int f, double mod );
void faction_setPlayer( int f, double value );
double faction_getPlayer( int f );
double faction_getPlayerDef( int f );
int faction_isPlayerFriend( int f );
int faction_isPlayerEnemy( int f );
const char *faction_getStandingText( int f );
const char *faction_getStandingBroad( int f, int bribed, int override );
const glColour* faction_getColour( int f );
char faction_getColourChar( int f );
/* works with only factions */
int areEnemies( int a, int b );
int areAllies( int a, int b );
/* load/free */
int factions_load (void);
void factions_free (void);
void factions_reset (void);
void faction_clearKnown(void);
#endif /* FACTION_H */