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Starter Code for the React MyReads Project
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MyReads Project

A web application for users to select and categorize books to read, currently reading, or want to read.

To get started right away:

  • install all project dependencies with npm install
  • start the development server with npm start

What You're Getting

├── - This file.
├── # The whitelisted short collection of available search terms for you to use with your app.
├── package.json # npm package manager file. It's unlikely that you'll need to modify this.
├── public
│   ├── favicon.ico # React Icon, You may change if you wish.
│   └── index.html # DO NOT MODIFY
└── src
    ├── App.css # Styles for your app. Feel free to customize this as you desire.
    ├── App.js # This is the root of your app. Contains static HTML right now.
    ├── App.test.js # Used for testing. Provided with Create React App. Testing is encouraged, but not required.
    ├── Book.js # This is a book component
    ├── BooksAPI.js # A JavaScript API for the provided Udacity backend. Instructions for the methods are below.
    ├── icons # Helpful images for your app. Use at your discretion.
    │   ├── add.svg
    │   ├── arrow-back.svg
    │   └── arrow-drop-down.svg
    ├── index.css # Global styles. You probably won't need to change anything here.
    └── index.js # You should not need to modify this file. It is used for DOM rendering only.
    ├── MainPage.js # Main paige component.
    ├── SearchPage.js # Search page component


For details, check out

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