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Turn any GitHub wiki into servable HTML

You can retrieve pages as Markdown, an HTML snippet, or a full HTML page. Pages can optionally include the sidebar navigation described in _Sidebar.md

This package also works on any flat directory of Markdown files.


You can see this package in action on DataFire


npm install --save wiki-serve
git add submodule https://github.com/$USER/$REPO.wiki.git
var Wiki = require('wiki-serve');
var wiki = new Wiki(__dirname + '/$REPO.wiki');

var App = require('express');

App.get('/', function(req, res, next) {
App.get('/:page', function(req, res, next) {
  var page = wiki.pages[req.params.page];
  if (!page) return res.status(404).send("Not Found");

If you don't want to deal with submodules, you can also add your wiki as an npm dependency by adding a package.json at the root directory of your wiki's repo.


var wiki = new Wiki({
  directory: __dirname, // The path to a directory containing .md files
  bootstrap: false,     // A URL to Bootstrap CSS. Set to false to not include Bootstrap.
  basePath: '/wiki',    // The base at which you're serving this wiki. Used in order to follow relative links.
  marked: {},           // Pass-through options for Marked: https://github.com/chjj/marked


You can retrieve pages as Markdown, an HTML snippet, or a full HTML page.

console.log(wiki.pages.Home.markdown)      // Contents of Home.md, e.g. *Hello*, World!
console.log(wiki.pages.Home.html)          // <p><i>Hello</i>, World!</p>
console.log(wiki.sidebar.html)             // This is GitHub's special _Sidebar.md page
console.log(wiki.pages.Home.combined)      // HTML that combines both Home.md and _Sidebar.md
console.log(wiki.pages.Home.full)          // A full HTML page

This allows you to render the wiki HTML inside your own templates (e.g. with your login bar at the top)

App.get('/wiki/:page', function(req, res) {
  var page = wiki.pages[req.params.page];
  res.render('my_layout', {content: page.combined})

Relative Links

GitHub wikis use relative links to link between pages of the wiki. For instance, Home.md might contain the markdown

Read more [here](Page2)

Where Page2.md is another page in the wiki.

If you're not serving the wiki on the root of your domain (e.g. you're serving it at mydomain.com/wiki), you'll need to set the base tag of wiki pages accordingly (eg. <base href="/wiki/">)

If you're using the full output option, it will suffice to set the basePath option, e.g. to /wiki


Install all modules

npm install --all

Run the tests