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Merging into the fast lane - models 21 and 23 pictured:

The era of commercial user customizable personal computers is coming to an end. This inevitably leads to security risks due to increasing proprietization of software, loss of user choice, and a switching of control from the typical user or administrator to a company with profit driven or surveillance motives.
Fortunately, single board computers like the Raspberry Pi and products based on it are leading the way in allowing the return of the kind of computer liberties enjoyed in the past. These liberties include the ability to build your own mobile device free from corporate and government interests.
With support from hobbyist touchscreen manufacturers and some free time it is now possible to assemble a roughly pocketable device using a single board computer.

When compared to a typical mobile device:
-Less attractive
-Less battery life
-No access to Google Play or the App Store
+No kind of user hostile software
+True multitasking
+Fully customizable

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