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; Chapter 17 Exercise 2
; Called by ex2v6.c
; See C implementation in ex2v1.c
; Unrolling middle loop.
; extern long substring(unsigned char *str1,unsigned char *str2,unsigned char *commonsub,long length);
global substring
extern strncpy
; substring finds the longest commonsub substring between two strings.
; Arguments:
; rdi pointer to str1
; rsi pointer to str2
; rdx pointer to buffer for returned substring - commonsub
; rcx length of str1,str2,commonsub
; Variables:
; rbx length
; r10 str1
; r11 str2
; r12 first1
; r13 first2
; r14 cur1
; r15 cur2
segment .data
commonsub dq 0 ; pointer to buffer for returned commonsub string
len_longest dq 0 ; length of the longest commonsub substring
start_longest dq 0 ; index into str1 of the first character of the substring
segment .text
push rbp
mov rbp,rsp
push rbx
push r12
push r13
push r14
push r15
push r15
; save arguments
mov r10,rdi
mov r11,rsi
mov [commonsub],rdx
mov rbx,rcx
; clear variables
xor rax,rax ; rax = 0
mov [len_longest],rax
mov [start_longest],rax
xor r12,r12
xor r13,r13
xor r14,r14
xor r15,r15
; outer loop
mov rax,r12
cmp r12,rbx
jge .endloop1 ; check for first1 < length
; next loop
xor r13,r13 ; first2 = 0
; repeated section starts here
%assign i 0
%rep 64
cmp r13,rbx
jge .endloop2 ; check for first2 < length
; check for equal first bytes
mov r8,r10
add r8,r12
mov r9,r11
add r9,r13
mov al,byte [r8] ; al is str1[first1]
mov dl,byte [r9] ; dl is str2[first1]
cmp al,dl
jne .skipif %+ i ; outer if failed
; check substring starting at first1,first2
mov r14,r12
inc r14 ; cur1 = first1 + 1
mov r15,r13
inc r15 ; cur2 = first2 + 1
.toploop3 %+ i:
cmp r14,rbx
jge .endloop3 %+ i ; check cur1 < length
mov rcx,r15
cmp r15,rbx
jge .endloop3 %+ i ; check cur2 < length
mov r8,r10
add r8,r14
mov r9,r11
add r9,r15
mov al,byte [r8] ; al is str1r14
mov dl,byte [r9] ; dl is str2r15
cmp al,dl
jne .endloop3 %+ i ; str1[cur1] != str2[cur2]
inc r14 ; cur1++
inc r15 ; cur2++
jmp .toploop3 %+ i
.endloop3 %+ i:
mov rax,r14
sub rax,r12 ; rax is cur1 - first1
mov rcx,[len_longest]
cmp rax,rcx
jle .skipif %+ i
mov [len_longest],rax ; len_longest = cur1 - first1
mov [start_longest],r12 ; start_longest = first1;
.skipif %+ i:
inc r13 ; first2++
%assign i i+1
; repeated section ends here
jmp .toploop2
inc r12 ; first1++
jmp .toploop1
; copy longest substring to output
mov rdi,[commonsub]
mov rsi,r10
mov rax,[start_longest]
add rsi,rax ; rsi is str1+start_longest
mov rdx,[len_longest]
call strncpy
; return len_longest
mov rax,[len_longest]
pop r15
pop r15
pop r14
pop r13
pop r12
pop rbx
leave ; fix stack
ret ; return